Top Posts From September 2016

It’s pretty interesting to see each month which posts ended up being the “favorites” from you guys. And again, I always appreciate your feedback! Can you guys believe it’s already October?! I’m looking forward to sharing some awesome Halloween & Fall posts! :3

Every Day Is A New Adventure


This Quote Of The Week was the most liked post from last month, and I’m still thinking it’s one of my favorites as well. You can never go wrong with simplicity. This post was all about reminding yourself to enjoy each day and live it to the absolute fullest that you can. No two days are exactly alike – thus each one is a brand new adventure.

Joker-Inspired Makeup (Wearable)

Joker Makeup Collage

Everyone knows that I love the Joker & Harley Quinn Duo, and after watching Suicide Squad I couldn’t resist coming up with my own inspired makeup looks. Harley wasn’t as popular, but I still had tons of fun making her look.

Never Grow Up


This was actually the second Peter Pan inspired Quote Of The Week, this one a little more simple. But that’s what childhood is isn’t it? Simple. This post was all about remembering what it’s like to enjoy life and see the magic and beauty like we did when we were little.

As we say goodbye to September, I heartily welcome October and all of the Halloween, Fall, Pumpkin-Spice-Inspired posts to come!



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