Mascara Is Too Expensive These Days

Hello my beautiful geeks! I’ve got something to admit guys – I think some super girly person has taken over my mind and is refusing to let me do anything besides makeup-related QOTW posts. Last week was lipstick, the one before was nail polish…what else would be next except mascara?

mascara is too expensive.jpg

The amount of truth behind this one is astounding though. Have you guys even SEEN the price on mascara lately? A tube of my favorite mascara (Better Than Sex by Too Faced) is $23 USD! ….. which is why I’ve been relying very heavily on all of the little sample sizes that I’ve been getting in my Ipsy Glam Bags. XD

The message behind this quote? Yes, mascara is expensive AF. But more importantly, don’t cry over someone if the result is wasting something you love. You worked hard to be able to spend $23 on mascara and nobody is worth seeing it run down your face rather than staying put on your lashes.

And, reading further into it – stay composed. If someone has hurt you they sure as hell don’t deserve to see you a bubbling mess over them. Keep it together girl and make them regret everything they ever did – and wonder if you really cared in the first place. 😉



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