I Like My Coffee Black

Alright guys, so this week’s quote isn’t so much inspirational as it is just humorous. If there’s anything I’m sure about in this world, it’s these two things:

  1. I love coffee
  2. I love eyeliner

Thus this design was inspired – i-like-my-coffee-black

Now while it may be true that I can’t stand my coffee black (super white girl over here – I need tons of sugar and creamer, in fact I have 4 different flavors of creamer in my fridge as I type and one of which is Pumpkin Spiced Latte) I sure as heck LOVE me some black eyeliner. And I don’t mean black. I mean the kind of black that they label “Blackest Black” or “Pitch Black”.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to experiment with pink and green and even glitter eyeliner. But my fall back and go-to will always be black.

What’s your beauty go-to? And how do you take your coffee?



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