4 Cute & Easy Halloween Nail Art Designs

Halloween is almost here guys! Witch means…. nail art is absolutely REQUIRED. Today I’m going to be showing you some easy designs that I brewed up for you guys.

Witchy French Tip


This first one is by far the easiest of them all. All you need to do is use a green polish for your base, and then either use tape or a stencil (or freehand if you’re feeling brave!) to mark off some space for a french tip and fill it in with black polish!

Items Used:

  • Leaf Me Be by Wet n Wild
  • Black Tie by Confetti

You can, of course, easily substitute ANY colors here, black and purple, black and white, orange and black….get creative with it!

Negative Space Candy Corn


For this design you’ll also need striping tape or to cut pieces of normal tape into thin pieces to achieve the thin negative space lines. Make two for each nail, and place on your nail however you’d like (I kept the yellow part the smallest to make room for larger portions of orange and white, candy corn style). Once the tape is all placed, you wanna go one nail at a time & open up all three of your polish bottles so you can lay down each color one right after the other.

Just paint on the yellow, orange, and then white and immediately (and carefully) pull off the tape straight up to ensure a crisp edge – if you wait for the polish to dry too much you risk peeling your hard work as well! Repeat on all nails and apply a top coat.

Items Used:

  • Striping tape
  • Mellow Yellow by Sally Hansen
  • Breakin’ by China Glaze
  • Correction Tape by Spoiled

This is definitely a design I’m proud of. Especially after looking back at the last time I did a candy corn inspired nail design. It’s always fun (and slightly terrifying) to look back at old designs to see how far you’ve come.

Bloody Nails


Wanna look like you’ve ripped into someone without the actual mess? Go ahead and lay down a base color of white polish (or whatever your murderous heart desires). Next, you can either use the brush itself or a dotting tool or pen…literally anything to create that “dripping” effect.

Simply dot on some polish and drag it up towards the tip and just be sure to cover the tip completely in your color of choice.

Items Used:

  • White Page by Essie
  • Highest Bidder by Essie (silk watercolor palette 2)

These ones are again, pretty easy. You can use a normal polish for the “blood”, but I wanted to experiment with Essie’s watercolor polish to see if it would make a difference (it didn’t).

Black Cat & Glitter


Looks intricate, but it’s super simple. The first step is to paint all but your index nail black, and paint the index nail with your glitter polish of choice – just make sure that it’s completely covering your nail!

For the cat, the first step is to use either a detail brush or the polish brush to create a semi-circle on the tip of your index nail. Once that’s dry, you can use a detail brush, toothpick or even a dotting tool/bobby pin to paint on two triangles connected to the semi-circle and fill them in with black.

On the rest of your nails, take your glitter polish and – before putting any on your nails – make sure to wipe off as much access polish as possible on the mouth of the bottle. Then, gently drag your brush from the tip of your nail down (about halfway). You don’t want to apply a lot of pressure, but just barely enough to get the glitter on. Repeat until you have the effect you’d like. This will give a glitter gradient effect.

Items Used:

  • Black Tie by Confetti
  • Glitter Goblin by China Glaze
  • Black nail art paint by Kiss Nail Art

I think this was my favorite design of the four – probably because of the glitter. XD

That’s it everyone! I hope you have fun with these designs, let me know if you recreate any of them, I’d love to see your versions!



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