Top Posts From October 2016

Happy November ya’ll! It’s finally turkey month (aka Thanksgiving Month) for us here in the U.S. (also possibly a scarier month than October due to current political events). So let’s say goodbye to October and welcome November by going over last month’s most liked posts.

Keep Calm & Put Your Lipstick On


I think this has got to be my favorite QOTW that I’ve done and personally designed. There’s something just so satisfying about creating something completely from scratch and seeing how many people like it. Nevermind the fact that I almost literally live by this quote. XD

Mascara Is Too Expensive These Days


Again, another makeup related QOTW. But this time it was more focused on refusing to let others see your tears and make you upset. Don’t allow them to ruin that hard work (aka your mascara). They don’t deserve to see that – and sure as hell shouldn’t ruin something you love and work for.

I Like My Coffee Black


I went through a lot of beauty/makeup inspired QOTW’s last month didn’t I? lol. Anyways, last but not least is this coffee and eyeliner inspired post. Disclaimer: I actually like my coffee *almost* as white as Zach XD.



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