Tomb Kings Ushabti (aka another reason why my BF is awesome)

Hey my geeks! I am especially excited today (the new Sombra update for Overwatch being part of it, but that’s for another post).

Soooo for those who don’t know, I may or may not be a little obsessed with Warhammer 40k and Fantasy. Oh no, not playing the game. Just collecting and building the models to make them look cool (although I’m sure I have enough Dark Eldar to start my own army if I ever did want to play). I have also always had a deep love for Ancient Egypt and its mythology. Naturally, when I first discovered Warhammer and Games Workshop I fell in love with the Tomb King models due to their undead/Egyptian Mythology theme.

However, I always shied away from buying any of the models because they were always so expensive (I know – you’d think considering how much money I’ve spend collectively on these models it wouldn’t have mattered but…). Especially my favorite set, the one set that if I had to pick just one from the Tomb King models it would be these, The Ushabti with Great Weapons. Essentially they were skeletal bad-ass versions of Anubis, Horus, and Sobek (well, that’s what they look like. I’m sure the models themselves have their own names and stories behind them, per Warhammer nature).

Anyhow, when I finally did decide that it was the time to purchase these bad boys I came to learn that the line had been discontinued. And Games Workshop didn’t even sell them anymore. Up until  now, I had never been able to find a set available for purchase in its original boxed condition without a ridiculous price tag.

But then one day, there’s a package in the mail. From Russia. To Zach. I’m serious guys, I almost cried when he handed me the box containing the models I had been searching for for years.


AND NOW I FINALLY HAVE THEM!!! And they’re in perfect condition! While it’s a downside that they’re all resin, I’m just so excited to paint them!!!

To be honest this is probably the best surprise gift anyone has ever given me…and the most thoughtful. Apparently after I got him into Warhammer and I told him about these models he had been secretly searching for them. ❤

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some models to take care of. And hopefully not ruin because I’ve only got one shot. XD



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