Give Thanks

Happy Sunday everyone. I figured that since Thanksgiving is this week (can you believe it?!), now would be a perfect time to give this cheesy, overused reminder.


Giving thanks…ok yes. Let’s be thankful for the food, the family, the friends. And the food…did I say that already?

But let’s be thankful for the other important things in our lives. Having a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs. To have the jobs that help us pay for the necessities and the unnecessary things (like that new gaming headset I’ve been eyeballing). That we are able to pay for gas for our vehicle. And yes, even though we are constantly complaining about it, having the ability to be in school and college. To further our education and feed our minds.

There’s just so much to be thankful for. But we also need to remember that we shouldn’t express these feelings just during the holidays. More importantly – we shouldn’t forget to remember those feelings. Give thanks. But do it all year round. Not just when everything seems magical and the weather is cooling and gifts are about to be everywhere.

Be thankful all year, share the love all year. Let’s challenge ourselves to keep that magical holiday spirit alive all year. Love each other. Help each other. Make the world a better place for more than just a few months a year.



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