Tomorrow Will Be Better

Hello my geeks! I hope your weekend has been a fun and relaxing one, and that you’re all refreshed and feeling ready to take on the following week. And if you’ve had a bad weekend, or even just a bad day, I hope this quote helps you.


“Today is the worst day of my life.”

It’s a phrase that we say and throw around, but don’t ever realize the weight behind those words. Yes, the day may have totally sucked. But by no means does that make it the “worst day of our life”. And if it truly *is* the worst day of your life, then you best consider yourself really really lucky. Because if a spilled coffee, ruined staff meeting, or bad exam score is the worst that you will ever experience in life then you’ve got it made.

The main point I’m trying to get across, however, is that if today really is the worst day of your entire life, then you can rest easy because you already know that tomorrow will be a better one.



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