Formula X Polish Haul

This year was officially my first year ever doing any sort of Black Friday shopping. So what did this little blogger get sucked into buying? Nail polish of course. For $5 each no less! (when they’re usually $10 + at Sephora)

A couple of the shades I got mini versions of and fell in love with – so much so that I knew I needed the full size of them. The others…well come on. I’m a polish addict.

**this is not a sponsored post. all items listed were bought by me. all thoughts and opinions are my own and 100% honest. I am not being paid or otherwise compensated for this post**



I originally got Monumental as part of a mini set, which came with 4 polishes designed to perfectly match your specific skin tone. There’s a set for light, medium, and dark skin tones. Each set has a pink, nude, blue and gray toned polish suitable for each skin tone. Monumental was the nude shade for the medium skin tone. Needless to say that it suits me perfectly. You could also say that this mini set was a monumental decider for whether or not I like the Formula X brand. 😉


Corner Office

You’ve already seen me fawn over this pinky-nude polish in a nail art post. So it will come as no surprise to you guys that it was one of the ones I purchased as part of my haul. I simply cannot get enough of this color. It’s such a perfect in-between shade for when you want something neutral but with a little more oomph than plain nude, but nothing super girly.



Speaking of girly…you guys may recognize this super light pink polish from my August Ipsy Glam Bag. This polish was actually the first ever polish that I got from Formula X. Here’s a slightly better-lit version of it for you:

Formula X Dollface Polish

Yikes! I just realized how badly I need to get better at taking pictures during the day! XD (I blame my busy day life)


Boss Lady

Okay…so I may have a sub-addiction in my polish addiction. To deep reds. And alllllll shades of pink (does red count in that? I mean…pink is just a lightish red…. 😉 ). And bright colors. And coral. Back to the deep reds for a minute.

Boss Lady (totally love the name too) is a gorgeous dark red – just a step lighter than a true oxblood red, which makes this all the more wearable.



I picked Enigma out mostly to make myself step outside of my comfort zone of pinks/reds/nudes and mixes of the aforementioned colors. Also – how freaking amazing is this almost-electric teal? I’m going to have to try layering it on top of white polish to see if I can make it go neon.

Speaking of neon…


Neon Pop Set

I’ve always wanted to get more neon shades, but I knew I’d never use them often enough to warrant grabbing full sized bottles. With this set of minis I can reap the benefits of having neon polishes available without worrying about wasting product. ❤

Flamin-Glo  –  How awesome is that pink?!  This I knew was going to make me super happy just because. Well. My addiction to pink of course.

Hotlime Bling – First of all, love the name. Secondly, this is a great bright neon lime green.

Electrifine – This neon orange/coral definitely lives up to it’s name.

Power Trip – Hey! Look! This neon yellow polish means I officially have 2 yellow polishes in my entire collection of 100+ polishes! XD

Well that’s all for now folks! Do you guys have any Formula X polishes? What are your thoughts on the brand? Do you have favorite dupes for their polishes? Let me know below!



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