December ’16 Ipsy Bag Reveal & Review

Nothing says the end of the year quite like catching up on to-do lists. And popping out end of month posts for December.

December’s Ipsy theme was Carpe P.M.

Forget rules, responsibilities, and to do lists. Right now, there’s only fun. There’s only yes. There’s glitter, magic and electricity. Decide that you DGAF, let go, and live in the freaking moment. The night is yours – so seize it!


December’s glam bag is the perfect sized little clutch to bring out for a night on the town – it would’ve been great for New Year’s Eve parties…if I wasn’t a hermit that spent her NYE cleaning her house. >.> It’s pink and fuzzy…what more could you ask for?


First up is a definite favorite of mine. Liquid eyeliner in a felt tip pen! Even better? It’s PURPLE. I know the photo doesn’t do this Hikari Liquid Eyeliner justice, but the shade (Iris) is the most beautiful majestic violet evar. It’s also got some GREAT lasting power (aka great for parties). ❤


Winter is coming – well technically it’s already here. We all know that means cold dry weather, which is no bueno for our skin & lips. Lucky me, Ipsy sent out this smooth and hydrating Peppermint Jersey Shore Cosmetics lip balm. This balm features sunflower oil, cocoa butter, and coconut oil for super moisturized lips. What’s more – all of the ingredients are organic!


Ya’ll know I’ve got a weakness for eyeshadows. I usually end up sticking with rose golds, bronzes, nudes, and pinks…which means when I get shades like Jaded by NYX in bags I have to accept it as a challenge to learn how to use it! I’m looking forward to trying to incorporate this creaming cool green metallic shadow into my current shades.


I’ve been getting a lot of makeup brushes in my subscriptions…maybe it’s a sign that I need new ones? XD I got this Royal & Langnickel Angle Shader brush. The synthetic fiber bristles are super soft, and the matte purple handle makes for no-slip-grip application. ❤


Who loves matte lip color? I know it’s been a recent obsession of mine for sure! But why bother buying a matte version for every glossy lipstick that you own when you can just use Smashbox’s Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer? This gel mattifier feels like primer and dries in no time, and it feels velvety smooth on lips.




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