Just Breathe

Good morning and happy Monday! You’ll notice that this week’s QOTW is arriving late – and that’s because I’ve decided to move it to Monday. My work schedule has changed a bit, so I’ve found that I really just need the entire weekend to just do whatever I need to do here at home – which means not post a blog post. Don’t worry, I’ll still be posting on Wednesdays and Fridays!

This week’s quote is really mostly a reminder to myself…


Life can get pretty stressful. Crazy, even. And with so many things going on and my anticipation of moving in May when our lease is up, I’ve been so stressed out that I’ve been exhausted 24/7. I’m always stressed, I’m constantly becoming infuriated over tiny little things. All just because my schedule has changed at work (and I’m still trying to adjust – mostly because it’s an afternoon shift and it’s too easy to sleep in wayyyy too long and get nothing done in the day) & because I’m ANTICIPATING finding a new place and moving. Not actually moving, mind you. Just anticipating it.

So here’s to me reminding myself that I just need to chill and breathe. Because everything will be fine. I just need to breathe.


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