ReCore – First Impressions

ReCore is an action-adventure platforming Xbox One exclusive game that was released in September of last year (and although I was excited about the game I was obviously slow to actually go and purchase it).


image credit – Microsoft

In ReCore, you play as Joule Adams, a young volunteer from the “Far Eden” colony. You and your people enlisted the help of CoreBots to essentially reconstruct this new planet into a habitable one for humans. The volunteers sent to Far Eden were put into cryosleep for approximately 200 years to await the completion of the terraforming. However, when Joule awakes from her cryosleep, it seems that nothing has gone according to plan. This is where the game begins as she enlists the help of her companion K-9 unit, Mack.

You are quickly submerged in this new environment, and the essential controls are established quickly as well. It’s a strange world, and Joule is just as confused as to what’s going on as you are. Slowly but surely however, you and Mack discover what’s become of the CoreBots that were supposed to have spent the last 200 years terraforming the new planet. Somehow, they’ve all become corrupt, and there has been mention of a revolution of some kind.

After tackling your first simple dungeon, you’re sent back to your Crawler which serves as headquarters for Joule and her K-9 unit, where you learn the basics of upgrading your companion CoreBots and learn the next step to the story line. Once the initial training has been completed the world opens up, and the game reveals itself as the full platforming and semi-open world game that it is.


image credit – Microsoft &

As of now, I haven’t gotten very far into the game. The most progress I’ve made is discovering Kai, another volunteer who has awoken out of cryosleep, and his companion SP-DR unit Seth.

This game is gigantic. The wasteland open world is minimal but extremely detailed. ReCore is full of puzzles and platforms, and the open world makes it hard to stay on one track to your next objective. The controls are simple enough, but battles are fast paced and require perfect timing of attacks and maneuvers. Your foes are all tough, but luckily you have your companions the assist you. While Mack is able to fight close-quarters and can help you find things buried in the ground, Seth makes use of projectiles and makes use of his multiple legs to climb walls and such with you on his back.

As I mentioned before, the open world aspect makes it very difficult to keep focused on your primary objective, especially when you’re always on the lookout for parts to save for upgrading your companions.

So far I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this game, being very reminiscent of Tomb Raider, Borderlands, and Zelda all in one. It’s not very often (yet this seems to be changing) that you get such an amazing game paired with a strong female lead – which in my book makes it all the more awesome.

What do you guys think of ReCore? Have you finished it? Let me know your thoughts below!



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