Tomb Kings Ushabti Update

Let me start this by saying something…..

I. Hate. Resin. Models.

There. I said it. It’s out in the open. There is no more disguising my hatred for the ridiculous use of resin in Warhammer models. I know it’s unavoidable in the older models, so it’s something I just have to bite the bullet on for these situations. In this case – the Ushabti models.


I was ecstatic when Zach got them for me a few months ago. I had been wanting these models long before Games Workshop discontinued them, but had always held off due to their higher price point. Sadly for me, they (as aforementioned) were discontinued and therefore nowhere to be found with the exception of places like Ebay and possibly Amazon. However, it was never a pressing enough matter for me to hunt them down and purchase them like Zach did.

But now I finally have them. These beautiful Egyptian-inspired models that bring me back to my childhood days when I was obsessed with ‘The Mummy’ movies & ideas of being an archeologist & exploring the Egyptian tombs.


Anyyyyyhowwww….I finally got the chance to put them together, annoying parts aside. See, resin is brittle as all get out. So one must be exceptionally careful when clipping them out of their sprues. Additionally, epoxy is one of the most irritating things to use. So instead, I use Gorilla Glue. 😉


And look how wonderful they look! I haven’t gotten a chance to base coat them yet, but I’m really looking forward to base coating them and actually PAINTING them. ❤ As much as I dislike resin, I have to say these models are amazingly detailed. Look at the scale details in this model’s headdress!


Definitely loving this extremely Horus-like model.


But my absolute favorite is the jackal-headed Anubis-esque model. ❤ I am so excited to start painting these gorgeous models!!! Next step: deciding on a color scheme. I love the colors used on the box, but I’ve never liked the idea of doing what’s been done already. I prefer putting my own twist on things like this. 🙂

Until then, I’ll leave you guys to admire these wonderful models.




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