You Are Meant For Greatness

Andddd it’s Monday again. Time just seems to zip by doesn’t it? It seems as though it was just Friday night. Alas, we must begin the new week once again. Let’s start it off with a good note eh? This week’s inspirational goody is all about greatness. And you, of course.


Don’t get discouraged this week. Because no matter what insanity is brought to you during this new week, you can handle it. You are strong. You are independant. You are meant for greatness. It may seem like you’re small and a nobody, maybe even a misfit. But you have to realize that people that are weaker than you want you to feel that way so that they may have a way to boost themselves up.

Never give up your fight, no matter how useless it may seem at the moment. The truth is, the hardships that you’re facing right now are here to strengthen you even further and to prepare you for the rest of your journey to greatness. You are full of potential and life and possibilities. You can achieve so much in this life, regardless of what others may want you to think.

You alone have the power to make yourself better and stronger. You alone have the choice to either let a problem stop you in your tracks or to use it as a stepping stone to success.

Don’t let hardships or people get you down. Because you, my friend, you are meant for greatness. I know it.



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