Life Is Too Short To Have Boring Nails

Ya’ll know I’m addicted to nail polish. Everyone in my life knows this. Heck, it’s the very thing that inspired me to start this blog! So of course, every now and then I have to give a shout out to my homie, my boo, NP. ❤


Life is much too short to have boring nails all the time. And while I find this 100% true, it can also be said in relation to other matters. Life is short. It’s a fact. And although it seems lengthy and painful while we live it, our time on this planet is so so very limited. So what’s the point of leading a safe and boring life? There are so many wondrous things in this world, why would we not want to see and experience them? Life is too short not to do exciting things!

Have adventures! Make mistakes! Wear heels! Wear short shorts! Take risks! HAVE FUN! Do something crazy this week. Even if it’s just wearing a bright new nail polish. Because, well, life is just too short to have boring nails.



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