Top Posts From February 2017

Good morning and Happy March my lovely Geeks! One more month down, 10 to go! Last month seemed to be the month of popular QOTW posts, as all (no really, ALL) of the top liked posts from February were QOTWs!

QOTW: Life Is Too Short To Have Boring Nails


I don’t think I’ve made a QOTW that was more true. 😉 The overall basis and message behind this quote was that life is far too short to lead a boring one – so go out and have some adventures and make some awesome memories!

QOTW: A Little Love Goes A Long Way

a little love goes a long way

Inspired by the month of love, this post was a reminder that just the smallest act of kindness and/or love can make a huge difference. ❤

QOTW: Never Say Never


This one….kind of goes without saying lol. And no, it’s not quoting Justin Bieber (though unfortunately that song pops into my head every time I see/hear this). It’s all about not letting yourself keep yourself from accomplishing great things. Don’t let you – or anyone else – say you can’t or won’t be able to do something. Ever.

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