300 Follower Giveaway Announcement!

Well it’s that time guys, it’s time to find out who the winner(s) of my 300 Follower Giveaway is! Unfortunately this time I didn’t get as much participation as I’d have liked…which is kind of a disappointment. But that just means that next time I’ll have to try harder!

There was only one valid entry to this giveaway – as only one person commented. So a big congratulations to

*** Michele Cup   ***

You get to decide if you’d like a $25 e-gift card to either ThinkGeek or Ulta!

To claim your prize, please contact me via my contact page using the email address you’d like the gift card sent to, and verifying which store you’d like the gift card to be for!

Since this giveaway didn’t go as well as my last two, maybe it’s time to freshen up the prizes. Let me know in the comments below what kind of things you guys would like to get as prizes next time!



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