Picas App Review

We live in a world of filters and photoshop. It’s rare that we see actual art, yet there are thousands of apps and filters that are designed to make our photos look like paintings or drawings. Needless to say, not all of them are created equal. And, to be honest, for a long time I was really skeptical of them.

I was approached about a month ago by a representative of IObit, requesting that I give their app, Picas, a go. In order to get a better grasp of how the app functioned and felt, I was also provided with a special code that gave me a month of access to the premium features that they offer.

Picas- Free Art Photo Editor

Picas is a free art photo editor. It can turn every your photo into artworks! With deep neural networks and artificial intelligence, Picas offers variety of different effects, filters and styles for enhancing pictures. Picas easily allows you to share your artworks on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or simply save to albums to use where you like.

Have you ever imagined that Picasso would paint you a portrait? Or Van Gogh paint Manhattan as starry night?

Picas helps you create artworks easier than ever!

The general idea behind Picas is to make photos that you take on your phone appear as though someone has drawn or painted them in some sort of way, giving selfies a whole new look.

Here’s a listing of all of the features mentioned in the app description:

What makes Picas outstanding:

  • Be an artist and create artworks for daily life
  • Deep AI and neural network algorithm integrated
  • 100 more creative and fantastic artistic filters
  • Free to crop and fine tune the intensity of filters
  • Super fast photo processing
  • Clean UI easy to use and share

With VIP subscription you can:

  • Create HD images unlimitedly
  • Enjoy 10 exclusive art filters per month
  • Enjoy thunder speed processing photo
  • No watermark
  • No ads

Pretty neat huh? Using AI to help make your photos look like actual art? How cool is that?! If you want access to the VIP/Premium features like no ads or watermarks, there’s a $9.99 charge. For the sake of this post I left the Picas watermarks on the photos. I unfortunately don’t remember the names of the filters I used…but they’re all fairly straightforward.

picas 2

The filter above turned my selfie look almost like a painting…see those “brushstrokes”? I makes me wonder how it would look if it was printed onto canvas…idea maybe? We’ll see. The great thing is you can adjust how strongly you want your chosen filter to be applied, which I had to adjust on the images in this post. Some of the filters come on a little too strongly, but depending on your preferences full filter could be exactly what you need.

picas 3

It was interesting to play around with the different filters, from ones that looked like sketches, watercolor, to this one above that made the photo of Harli look like it she was painted in some modern art style or recreated in a digital program. (I kinda want to get this one framed, it’s so interesting looking!)

picas 1

Obviously Picas works well on both people and pets, but places too! Ya’ll know I have a certain fondness for the Japan section in Epcot, I can almost never resist taking a new photo of the buildings every time I go. The filter I used on this picture made it look like it might belong on a Japanese tapestry….maybe 😉

So what’s the verdict? What did this geek think of the Picas app?


Overall, it’s a great app. It handles photos really well, and there are quite a few neat filters to use and play around with. It does take a little playing around with to really get the feel of the app, and to get a grasp of what pictures are best to use with certain filters. For example, the cartoony/modern art filter I used on Harli looked suuuuper wonky on both my selfie and the Japanese landscape regardless of how much I toned down the filter.

It is definitely what I would call an “acquired taste” kind of app. You wouldn’t think that it’s that big of a deal, but once you get into it the appeal definitely becomes a little infectious. The only thing I wish I could do is mix different filters on the same photo at the same time. Sure, you could put a filter on a picture, save it, and then apply a new filter on top, but that takes a little too much time.

All in all, Picas is a fun and quirky app. While it takes some getting used to, once you know how it works it’s almost addictive. You guys should definitely check it out! You can :click here for the iTunes download: or :click here for the Google download: ! ❤

Have a great weekend loves!


*I am not affiliated with IObit, nor am I receiving compensation for writing this 100% honest review* 


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