There Are More Fish

More often than not, my QOTW posts are closely tied to how I’m feeling at the time or something that’s going on in my life. This quote is an old one, everyone has heard it. But nevertheless, it’s a good one.

more fish

Most people take this quote to relate to a breakup, and with good reason. There will always be another person out there that you are compatible with, you just have to “toss your line out again”. Today, for me, it does mean this. A new friend of mine recently lost the partner she’s had for four years, and I of all people know how difficult that is. So if she’s reading, or if you guys out there are ¬†having problems with a new breakup, know that I’m here for you. Know that, while it hurts now, it will get better. That one person was not the only one in this world of billions of people capable of loving you and making you happy.

But turning from the semi-cliche for a moment, this saying can also be tied into opportunities that didn’t work out. An interview that didn’t end in a job offer, or a house tour that didn’t end in a lease signing. There are more interviews. There are more houses. Sometimes you just have to sit, relax, and let the opportunities come and bit your line.

Have a great week everyone. I hope you catch lots of fish. And I hope one is a keeper.



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