Feed Your Face Friday: Tomato Basil Pizza

You’ve had a long day, and you’re craving junk food. Good old, greasy, cheesy, saucy, crispy, savory junk food. But you’ve been doing soooooo well this week, eating (pretty) healthy, not giving in to your stomachs cravings for burgers and ice cream. And on top of it all you’ve saved lots of money just by eating at home each night! We’ve all been there. Some of us, well, more often than others. I surely have.

That’s why I make sure to keep some pizza crusts, cheese, sauce, and some basic ingredients available in the house to make pizza with on nights when the craving for college-kid-food strikes hard.

Here’s the thing about pizza. It gets a really bad rep for being “junk food”. And in most cases, it is. I mean, how can you say that a deep dish 12″ pie smothered in sauce, cheese, extra pepperoni and grease (amongst some peppers and mushrooms to qualify as your “veggies” for the day…) is remotely healthy? You can’t. But, when using the right items, your pizza craving doesn’t have to mean a sacrifice to your diet/body/wellbeing/wallet.

Introducing one of my favorite pizzas –

tomato basil pizza3

All it takes is some low carb thin pizza crust, a little pizza sauce (who are we kidding, we all know it’s just marinara in a different label), fresh roma tomatoes and freshly cut basil leaves…and of course some mozzarella. Nothing goes with tomatoes and basil like mozzarella. ❤

tomato basil pizza1

Not only is this actually sort of healthy, but it’s way more cost effective than getting a massive pizza delivered. The crusts I use are also small, which means I can cut down the chance of myself overeating (read – eating an entire large thin crust pepperoni & onion pizza by myself).

tomato basil pizza2

psst….sprinkle some fresh ground peppercorn on top before baking to add a little extra flavor!

What’s your junk-food-turned-“healthy” hack?



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