Top Posts From March 2017

Another month come and gone again. You ever wonder why it feels like every year seems to speed by faster and faster as you get older? Is it because our ability to remember things get worse and so we don’t remember all of the things that happen? Or maybe is it that as we get older, things seem to become more routine, making our lives too much of the same thing. Either way, I’m caught saying how I can’t believe yet another month has past. Let’s go over the top liked posts huh?

T.G.I.F. – 3 Ways To Spend A Friday Night


In this post I went over my 3 favorite ways to spend a Friday night. Board games, drinking, video games and movies are definitely the best way to relax on a Friday night after a long week.

Picas App Review

Picas- Free Art Photo Editor

This app review was the second most liked post last month. Picas is a really cool app that can be used to make every day photos on your phone look like unique works of art!

QOTW – There Are More Fish

more fish

More often than not, my QOTW posts are closely tied to events going on in my personal life. Be it something that’s affecting me directly, or a friend (which is usually the case), I find it’s always a good drive to make inspirational quotes into these little weekly bursts of prettiness.




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