60 Seconds

Good morning and again, happy Monday loves. There has been A LOT going on this past week, and I apologize for my little disappearing act. Sometimes life throws a curveball and well, you’ve just gotta catch it.

I’ve basically been so stressed out that I’ve spent all of my free time sleeping or dealing with the stress topic. And unfortunately it’s led to some stress-induced angry outbursts. Which is what brought this quote to mind.

60 seconds.jpeg

You can’t change the situation you’re in. But you can change your attitude about it. And trust me, it’s easy to let those tiny little minutes of anger add up to 15, then 30, and before you know it it’s been an hour and you’ve been stewing in your anger for no good reason other than the fact that it’s much easier to be mad than it is to force your mindset to change.

So, it’s my goal this week to not only get myself back on track, but to focus on changing my mindset when my emotions are threatening to get the better of me.

What’s your goal this week? What is your mantra when you get stressed or upset? Let me know in the comments below!



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