Orange Butterfly Stamping

Being a beauty blogger can be tough. There’s always some crazy new trend going viral, new methods and designs to try, and new products to test. Lately I’ve been obsessed with nail stamping. It just seems soooo easy and fast! What better way to mass-produce delicate nail art than with stamping?

So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and give it a go. I purchased a few different stamping plates and a couple of stamping polishes (though you don’t need a polish specifically for stamping, but I wanted to get some to test if it made a difference) and thought that since it’s that time of the year that’s kind of Spring but feeling more like Summer – in Florida anyways – that I’d go for a butterfly look.

I used the MoYou-London-Pro 03 Plate, which features the butterfly design I used and several scale-y/feathery/animal print designs. And then I used MoYou-London’s Stamping Polish in Black Knight (again, because I wanted to be able to see how well it worked against a normal black polish in the future).

Orange Butterfly Nails 2017

I didn’t film the process simply because it was soooo time consuming and WAY more difficult than I anticipated. All of those Instagram/YouTube videos make it look so much easier than it actually is. XD

By the time I got them to the point where I was able to get about 85% of the design to transfer I had given up on trying to get a perfect transer. It was probably about 2:00 AM and I just used a striping brush and black nail polish to connect the couple of lines that needed filled – that’s why some of the lines (like on my middle finger) are a little on the thick side.

It’s definitely something that takes some trial and error, and absolutely 100% something you have to figure out for yourself after a couple of videos that go over the basics. Oh, and it’s ALLLLL about timing. I’ll try to film a little tutorial after I get the hang of it so it maybe helps anyone trying out this trend for themselves. But for the most part, I was happy that I got the designs to look even this good. XD

It’s funny, in the nail art world you often get to a place where you think you’re great at it all and then the next new trend comes up and upon attempting said trends all you hear in your head is Ygritte from Game of Thrones mocking you, saying “You know nothing, beauty blogger”.

Anyways, here’s what I used for this design:

  • Sunrise Affair by Femme Fatale
  • Black Knight Stamping Polish by MoYou-London
  • MoYou-London Pro Plate 03
  • Orly Sec N’ Dry Quick Dry Top Coat



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