White & Gold Summery Mani

HAPPY HUMP DAY!!! I’m super excited today because guess what?! I’m getting to post another YouTube tutorial video!!! Of course, I’ll go over the basics here in this post, but I’ll also have the tutorial video in the post as well so you can watch the whole thing!

Summer is coming…which means it’s time to start prepping with some summer nail art. Summer art is probably my favorite, tbh. It’s lots of bright colors, studs, rhinestones, aztec designs, and of course lots of glitter. Today’s mani is an elegant but modern design featuring gold polish and studs over a simple, clean white base.

White & Gold Summer Mani 2017

You know how you come up with an idea for a design in your head and then it doesn’t turn out right? Yeah, I was expecting that to happen here….and OH MY GOSH I was so excited when it came out EXACTLY how I wanted it to! XD I loved this mani so much I even wore it for a full week before it peeled off one night after a bubble bath (yes, there was some ugly crying involved, and cursing at the bath).

Without further ado, let’s check out how to create this beautiful mani!

Products Used:

  • Instant Artificials Base Coat
  • White on – Sally Hansen
  • Game of Chromes – Sally Hansen
  • Milani Quick Dry Top Coat
  • Orly Sec N’ Dry Top Coat
  • Gold Nail Studs
  • Nail Decals from Live Love Polish

How To:

  1. Apply Instant Artificials Base Coat to natural nails, let dry
  2. Apply 2 coats of White On to pink, middle, index and thumb nails
  3. Apply 2 coats of Game of Chromes to ring nail
  4. Apply Orly top coat to middle nail, let dry, then apply the nail decal.
  5. Go over decal with a generous coat of Game of Chromes & carefully peel off decal immediately afterwards. Let dry.
  6. To pinky, index and thumb nails – work on each one at a time – apply Orly top coat & quickly but carefully apply the gold nail stud to the base of the nail (near the cuticle). Allow first top coat to dry, then follow up with Milani top coat in 1 – 2 coats (or until you feel like the stud is secure & protected well enough).
  7. Finish off and protect your awesome Summer mani with a final coat of Orly Sec N’ Dry Top coat & enjoy!

And there we are. I would like to point out that I used two different quick drying top coats – and here’s why: the Milani top coat is quite a bit thicker than the Orly one, therefore making it ideal to go over 3D additions like studs or rhinestones, as it offers more protection faster. This simply means you don’t have to add quite so many coats in order to achieve full protection.

Another point I’d like to make is that while you could wear this design for a week (or more if you’re REALLY careful) you’d more than likely lose a stud or chip your tips during the week unless you take the time to apply a thin quick drying top coat once a day at the end or beginning of each day. I use the Orly Sec N’ Dry top coat for this, simply because it dries super super fast and it leaves a gorgeous almost wet-looking shine to my nails.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and the video. If you liked the video please hop on over to YouTube and hit like (and subscribe if you’d like!).



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