Stay True To Yourself

Yay Monday…..not. Anyways. How was ya’ll’s weekend? I spent mine doing LOTS and LOTS of research and number crunching for my business (updates to come, I promise!) and prepping everything to start selling! It’s been SUPER exciting but also kind of stressful. There’s a lot riding on the thought of opening your own business. Which is why, when you’re opening your own business, things like money can cloud your judgment and original passion and reasons for starting one. Therefore, it’s important to –

2017 stay true to yourself

No matter what situation you’re in in life, stay true to yourself. Don’t let anyone influence you into changing who you are or how you do things, specifically if it goes against the things you believe deeply in. Change can be good, but something is wrong if someone is trying to change your passions or morals.




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