Worth The Purch? Little Ondine Water Based Nail Polishes

Life as a nail polish and nail art addict is pretty awesome. However, there are a few drawbacks (especially if you’re in love with glitter). For instance, the constant application and removal of nail polish is not only time consuming but also can be very drying on your nails. Plus, the process of applying and removal of glitter polishes can be, well, a pain. Sure, there are peel off base coats. But those are really only great if you like to change your polish every day or if you’re using it to do nail art and then remove as soon as all of the polish is dry. Personally, I like wearing my designs for at least a few days, and although I love peel porn I hate the anxiety that comes with peel off base coats…the constant worry of “will my nail polish peel off today while at work and leave me with naked nails?” is too much for me. XD

Enter: Little Ondine Water Based Nail Polish. (yes. you read that right. WATER based)

little ondine polish

Little Ondine is a fairly new (or at least to me) brand of polish that fits into a very special niche in the polish world. This is a water based nail polish that is pigmented with rich mineral colorants. They also claim that their polish is easy to peel off, quick drying, odor free with a rich & smooth formula – oh, and they also say that it can last up to a week with a good application.

For someone that changes their polish often but hates drying my nails with remover every few days, I was intrigued. Their website is U.K. based, but they also have one for the U.S. The U.K. site has a lot more color options available, as well as the special base/top coat that they recommend, so I ordered all of mine there. I’m sure I ended up paying more than if I had just got them from the U.S. site, but at the time the base/top coat was out of stock and the U.S. site also doesn’t have the holographic glitter polish that I desperately wanted to test. After all, if you’re going to test a peel off glitter polish why not make it holo?

Here are the colors I got to try out –

  • Secret – their special and recommended base and top coat
  • Radiance – a mesmerizing holographic silver polish
  • Twins set with First Love & Cherry Blossoms – First Love is a bright Barbie pink and Cherry Blossoms is a really cute baby pink.

I was especially curious to see if the glitter polish would not only apply well but peel off as well. But I decided to get a small duo set of colors to test out a dark/bright color to test for any staining, since peel off base coats don’t protect from staining I was weary that these might stain.

I went ahead and applied Radiance to my index nails and First Love to all my other nails so I could test them at one time. Below is the lighting comparison – Direct artificial light on the Left and then Natural light on the Right.

little ondine rev. lightnat light

OH. EM. GEE. How incredible is that holo?! ❤    (oh and btw, these photos were taken on Day 3!!!)

The application process is pretty simple, think of it as a combination of normal and gel polish. You apply it like normal polish and let it air dry. But you HAVE to clean up the cuticles and edges before it dries to prevent peeling.

How To Use:

  1. Clean & dry nails
  2. Apply 2-3 layers *2 layers provides rich color according to the website*
  3. Clean edges before polish dries
  4. Keep dry for the 1st hour (ideally 3 hours). Polish hardens and sets over time & may soften and cause the edges to lift if it gets wet too soon.

They also recommend to use their Base/Top coat to make your color last longer and appear brighter. I used it and holy cow it makes the polish super glossy. ❤ ❤ ❤

little ondine polish 2

Again, the above picture was taken on Day 3 after applying. So, needless to say this polish lasts really well without any issues chipping/peeling if you apply it correctly. I didn’t even have any problems on my right hand, which I’m hardest on as it’s my dominant hand.

However, I definitely had to use at least 3 layers of both Radiance and First Love to reach full opacity – I took an extra step and did 4 layers of everything plus a layer of the Secret base/top coat as a Base and then once as a Top coat. So I wouldn’t say that this is going to be a super opaque polish, I didn’t test the opacity of the baby pink Cherry Blossoms, as lighter polished are typically less opaque anyhow. Perhaps darker colors are more opaque?

That aside, it does dry really quickly, so I don’t think it’s too much of a problem to have to do a 4th layer (or even 5th if you wanted/needed to). These polishes also apply really smoothly with absolutely NO streaks.

Oh, and I am IN LOVE with Radiance. It’s a gorgeous amazing super pretty silver holo with GREAT glitter payoff, absolutely no sponging needed. I applied 4 coats and got it to full opacity like the rest of the polish. This would be a great one to layer over their other colors as a “holo top coat” if you wanted to.

Now, they do advertise that there is no odor to their polishes, however, I could definitely tell there was some kind of smell. Not the normal strong polish smell that you usually get, but almost a very faint “plastic” smell. Again, it’s not really strong and I just barely noticed it. So if you’re doing your nails around people with sensitive noses (or if you have one) this wouldn’t bother them with a nail polish smell.

Now for the true test, does this polish ACTUALLY peel off? Let’s find out….

This just in, this polish DOES INDEED peel off, including the several layers of highly packed holo glitter polish! I does leave your nails a tad dry, but nowhere near as dry as they would be is you used remover.

That being said, this happened at the very end of Day 3 after I had showered. I realized after showering/drying off and dressing that the polish on one of the nails was starting to peel every so slightly at the tip. I decided that 3 days was long enough of a test, after all, they specifically advertise this as a polish used by people that change their polish often, so 3 days is a good end point.

I do feel as though the rest of the nails would have held up for at least another day or two, because they were all pretty stable and one or two of them took a little bit of coaxing to start peeling to remove.

Conclusion: TBG Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Yes, I wasn’t able to get it to last for a full week. But again, this polish is designed for those that change polish frequently. These polished did absolutely everything I asked of it. It held up for 3 days solid, not even starting to peel until after my third shower and plenty of hand washing. No chipping, no peeling, and holy cow it actually stayed 100% glossy the entire three days. Most of the time you get a tiny bit of fading on your glossy top coat as it wears off with hand washing and every day life. But the Secret base/top coat held up super well. On top of it all, both First Love and Radiance peeled off without and flaking or staining, and there was NO glitter left over to remove!

I will definitely be using these again, and more than likely I will be purchasing more. ❤



**items in this post were purchased by me to use and review. for more information, visit my disclosure & policy page.


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