Create Your Own Sunshine

I don’t know about you guys, but Florida has brought a lot – I mean A LOT – of rain to us this summer. Which, yeah I know it’s necessary and everything…but I find it to be a big pain in the butt. Nothing dampens (haha) my day like having to go to work in the pouring rain when everyone magically forgets how to drive and then trying not to get soaked between my car and the building. I have since decided that I need to live somewhere where there are still seasons (meaning there is snow in winter and the leaves change color in the fall) but doesn’t get too cold (that’s a no to you, super northern states) yet also doesn’t get too ridiculously hot, humid, or rainy during the summer. Oh, and it also has to be on the coast because I love me some beach days.

Basically, I want to live in a fantasy land. XD

So in this instance, when there’s so much dark and gloomy weather that often puts my mood in this weird sleepy funk, I was inspired to create this little quote…

2017 create your own sunshine

Try to make it your daily mission to make yourself happy in some way. Don’t rely on others, or the weather, to decide on your daily moods. Make yourself happy. Create your own sunshine. ❤




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