Pink & Rose Gold Nails

Hello loves! September is here, which can only mean ONE thing…the beginning of all of the amazing Fall & Halloween themed nail designs, makeup looks, and more! ❤

Very little else makes my heart quite this happy. (fun fact, btw, there will actually be a Friday 13th in October – super spoopy! )

So to welcome September with a great big embrace, I give you this sweet and simple french tip mani. There’s just something about rose gold that screams FALL to me for some reason.

Pink &amp

Here’s What I Used:

  • Instant Artificials Base Coat
  • Dollface – Formula X
  • Buy Me A Cameo – Essie
  • Tape
  • Sec N’ Dry Top Coat – Orly

How I Did It:

  1. Paint on Instant Artificials base coat, let dry
  2. Paint on 2 thin layers of Dollface for the light pink base, let dry
  3. Apply a thin coat of Sec N’ Dry top coat so the tape doesn’t risk peeling up your base color next. Let dry
  4. Once the top coat is 100% dry, apply a strip of tape across the nails to where you want your french tip to be. You can make them as thin or thick as you like
  5. Use Buy Me A Cameo to paint on the french tip, carefully peeling the tape off of each nail as you go to achieve a crisp line.
  6. When your french tip has dried, apply 1-2 more thin layers of top coat to seal in and protect the design.

Again, this one is really easy and can be used with all sorts of colors, even the classic pale pink & white if you wanted.

I’m SOOOO in love with this design, it’ll be so hard to take it off. 😦



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