Holo & Black Nail Art

Helllooooo lovelies! It’s been so long since I’ve been this happy with a nail art design…in fact, behind the scenes I have been applying and taking off one design after the next all this past week because I just wasn’t happy with them. *sigh* #nailbloggerlife

Anyhow, today I am bringing you this sparkly and Fall-ready mani!

holo & black full sun

Gah! ❤ I still can’t get over this new holo top coat that I have.


  • Unt Peel Off Base Coat
  • Black Tie by Confetti
  • Holo On Top by Picture Polish
  • Whose Line Is It Anyways linear nail decals from Live Love Polish
  • Small silver rhinestones
  • Nail Glue
  • Orly Sec N’ Dry Top Coat


  1. Paint on Unt peel off base coat, let dry
  2. On pinky, index and thumb nails, apply 2 coats of Black Tie, let dry & then apply top coat.
  3. On ring & middle nails, apply 2-3 coats of Holo On Top, let dry & apply top coat.
  4. Once all nails are dry, carefully apply linear decal to ring finger nail & apply a generous coat of Black Tie, quickly & carefully removing decal immediately afterwards. *for an in-video look of how I apply this decal, take a look at the summer mani I did a little while ago*
  5. On pink, index and thumb nails, apply a small dot of nail glue near the cuticle & carefully place a single rhinestone on each nail. (it’s best to do this one nail at a time to keep the glue from drying too fast!)
  6. Once everything has dried completely, carefully add 1-2 more layers of glossy top coat to seal it all in!

I did this design on Monday and so far they’re still holding up really well! You can of course, use other colors or glittery polishes for the accent nails, but I felt the holo polish was a good contrast to the black. You can also use a thin layer of top coat on the nails with rhinestones to attach them as opposed to using nail glue, but since I used a peel off base coat on all of my nails I’m not worried about the glue making the rhinestones too difficult to remove. 😀




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