Life Is Tough, But So Are You

Hello Monday. I didn’t miss you. And I don’t think anyone else did, either.

There’s just something about Mondays that make you just want to go “ugh” and burrow deeper into your blankets the moment when your alarm goes off. Even if you LOVE your job, Monday…well it’s just tough. Which brings me to this week’s quote –

2017 life is tough

It’s important to remember that as humans, we often underestimate ourselves. It’s a very common thing, even for the boldest and most confident people at times. There are just things that make us doubt ourselves and our abilities.

But even more important, I believe, is that we are all stronger than we think. So when things get rough, we start doubting ourselves, and that negativity does absolutely nothing to help us. Period. All it does is give an opening to all of the other negative thoughts you’ve ever had of yourself. They’ll rear their ugly, ugly heads and make you feel even worse. You beat yourself up on the inside and before you know it you’re depressed. Worrying, stressing, beating yourself up…none of it helps solve the issue at hand, no matter what it is. There’s no getting around it.

So just remember something for me eh?

No matter what life brings, yes it can be tough and cruel and harsh. But you, you my friend are tough as well. You can make it through this. You will make it through this. I promise you.




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