You Matter

October is finally here, ya’ll! Words cannot even come close to how ridiculously excited I am for this month! Somehow it has become one of my absolute favorite months of the year, so much so that I’ve already magically collected THREE new Halloween-y mugs…I might also have an obsession for mugs. That being said, let’s jump into more important things.

2017 You Matter

As much as we all get excited and happy about Fall/October and all of the things they bring to us (pumpkin-spice-everything, pumpkins, colorful leaves, candy, etc) we also need to remember that people are important too. And not just once a year, but the entire year. Yup, you heard me. You matter too, and a LOT. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Because you honestly just don’t need that negativity in your life darling.




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