Go The Distance

Another rough day, and yet 6 more to go. You ever feel like you’re just running in a circle to nowhere? Maybe like you’re on a hamster wheel? Spinning. Spinning. Constantly running forward and yet…never actual moving forward? For some odd reason I’ve been feeling that feeling more and more recently, and it’s quite unsettling. 

I once had a clear dream – or a vision, perhaps – of what I wanted in life. I knew exactly what I wanted to do as a career, where I wanted to be in 5 years. Yet now I come across a point in my life where things are no longer quite as crystal clear as they once were. I feel, well, lost. It’s one thing to graduate out of high school, maybe even get through some of college, without really knowing what you wanted to get out of life. It’s something entirely different to have known what you wanted to do with your life since the age of 15 and to suddenly be unsure of yourself and your plans. 

Which is why I found myself thinking of one of my favorite Disney cartoons (it’s funny how so many of my QOTW’s are inspired by films from my childhood, more often than not Disney films). I was thinking about Hercules. Obviously the cartoon is a glorified version of the original story. But in the Disney re-telling Hercules grows up being unsure of where he belongs, feeling as though he belongs elsewhere. 

This quote today is a reminder that every mile you take will be worth your while. You can go the distance it will take to find your place in the world, to find your calling. If you try hard and actually search for yourself, you will find who you really are. And that’s exactly what I needed this week. 

A reminder that somehow, I will be strong enough to get through this. Because I CAN go the distance. And I will. 


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