Bloody Nails

You guys know I couldn’t let all of October slip away from me without doing some Halloween nail art right? Last year I put together 4 Cute & Easy Halloween Nail Art Looks, and included in that list was also a set of bloody nails that I free-handed.

Today, however, I am redoing those bloody nails in a darker and even easier way! Welcome to the world of nail decals. Where free-handing is rarely required and sticker lovers are happy and peel porn is a daily pleasure. I used some dripping nail decals from Whats Up Nails (I’ll link them below) to create this easy Halloween design.

Bloody Nails

Products Used

  1. LBD by Live Love Polish
  2. Boss Lady by Formula X
  3. Dripping Stencils from Whats Up Nails
  4. Orly Sec N Dry Quick Dry Top Coat

dripping stencils

This was really super duper easy, I laid down 2 coats of LBD (which honestly, I didn’t reallly need because GUYS THIS IS A 1 COATER BLACK POLISH AND I LOVE IT) but it’s out of habit and I feel kinda naked without doing 2 coats. ANYWAYS.

After doing 2 layers of LBD, I applied a coat of my Orly Sec N Dry top coat to protect it from the nail decals. Once the top coat is dry and the decals are applied I carefully put down a generous coat of Boss Lady (you can use any red, either a bright red or an oxblood red – I didn’t link to where you can buy Boss Lady for yourself simply because it appears as though Sephora may be discontinuing Formula X polishes???) one nail at a time & carefully peeling off the nail decal after each application of Boss Lady. This way there is never a chance for the polish to dry enough for the decals to stick and peel off your hard work. We wouldn’t want that now would we.

After your red polish of choice has dried down completely, top off with another layer or two of your glossy top coat and voila! Bloody, dripping nails are complete. I hope you liked this quick little nail design, I had fun creating it and I’ll have fun wearing it too!

Have a great day!




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