Light & Love

Hello loves! I hope your Monday was a good one. Mine…well let’s just say it was kinda hectic but hey it made the day go by faster XD. I’ve spent most of the day trying to draw inspiration for this week’s quote, and it wasn’t until after I got home off of work and showered that I finally found the best one.

2018 MLK JR

I know, I know, it’s Martin Luther King Jr. day so everyone is quoting him. I know. But I feel like this quote definitely resonates with how I’m feeling about the world and my life in general. You can’t fight fire with fire. You can’t get rid of darkness by extinguishing all of the lights. You cannot defeat hate by refusing to love.

This is definitely one of my new favorite quotes, and one that will follow me throughout the rest of my life I’m sure. There’s enough darkness and hate it the world. Let’s try to bring in more love and light, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll start seeing some changes in the world.



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