Review: Harley Quinn Beauty Brushes

I know this post is late, but better late than never! My new work schedule has got my sleeping patterns totally skewed, so I’ve been trying desperately to reset them!

Everyone in my family knows I love Harley Quinn. She’s such an interesting character, and it’s amazing how she’s developed over the years. From the semi-sweet victim of an abusive & manipulative relationship to the super crazy bad-ass that she is now, I doubt there has been quite as many other villains with as much character development. Anyhow, this post isn’t about that. This post is about how my family continues to allow me to obsess over Harley, this time in the form of makeup brushes. {insert heart eyes here}


My sister got me these for Christmas, and I’ve finally been able to test them out! The set came with a full face brush, an angled foundation brush, and an angled brow brush as well. All of which were beautifully decorated with Harley’s original colors, red and black. From the card suit design on the handles to the brushed red metal grip with her logo, and the finishing touch of a divided black and red design in the brushes themselves, these scream HQ.


You can see above that they’re close in size to the Bare Minerals serum foundation brush. However, I felt like both the full face brush and the foundation brushes are just a bit too small to be effective in coverage – not because they don’t distribute product well, because they do – but because the smaller size means that it takes longer to distribute. Could just be because I like to quickly get my makeup on and done. 😉 The brow brush however is perfect. It’s amazing for filling in brows.


Look how pretty they are up close! ❤ The brush bristles are super soft and feel amazing on my skin. So even though the two full face brushes are a little on the small size for me, they still do their job very well. In fact, the angled foundation brush is good for getting product distributed underneath my eyes.

I can’t wait to start using these more often! ❤


First Impressions: Pastel Ombre Nail Effect Polish

We all know I love nail art. And I love the ombre effect that’s been swimming around the interwebs for a while now. However, we also all know that I kinda maybe suck at achieving it myself. So who’s to blame me when I see a product that may help me cheat a little? Absolutely no one. That’s why I decided to pick this little guy up whilst roaming around Ulta one day.

It’s a nail polish that is supposed to coat-by-coat gradually lighten the color of any nail polish, therefore making a pastel-ombre effect possible and easy.

essence nail art ombre effect polish1

And it’s supposed to be super easy. Just pick your base color and apply 2 coats, then after your base color dries just layer on the Ombre Effect polish to your desired effect. They also suggest using a darker base color for a better and more visible effect.

For my first test I did a nail by nail swatch, adding one extra layer of the effect polish to each nail than the last. So on my thumb nail I didn’t apply any, index had 1, middle had 2, etc. etc. You can see below how it worked out. {for those wondering, the polish I used as a base is Ripped Denim by Trust Fund Beauty}

essence nail art ombre effect polish2

1 coat didn’t seem to make too much of a difference, but after 2 coats you can definitely tell that it starts getting a lot lighter. I quickly realized that this polish is literally just a super watered down white polish, so each individual coat is quite transparent but when layered on top you would eventually get a solid white color. (maybe this was a white polish formula that Essence just couldn’t make work so they relabeled it lol)

However, the real test is how it looks when trying to achieve an ombre effect look.

essence nail art ombre effect polish3

(forgive the blur…my camera wouldn’t cooperate today).

Anywho…clearly it’ll take some practice to achieve an ombre look. But, I do think that it would actually work really well if used properly. Alternatively, it could also be used to create some interesting looks. I’ll definitely be trying this out with some new ideas I’ve got brewing now!

All in all, sure it seems like a kind of gimmicky product. However. It does work, even if not by some magical way. Plus, it could also be used just to get more tones out of the polishes you already have. Got a dark blue but need a shade just a tad lighter? You could definitely pop this on top to get the desired effect.

till next post, Katie

Live Love Polish Mini Haul

Guys! It’s Friday!!! And what better way to celebrate than by showing off some new polishes?

I recently started following Simply Nailogical & through Cristine I’ve discovered Live Love Polish, an Indie polish collective site. :3 Since then I’ve been trying super hard not to go crazy and buy ALLLLLL the polish, but I’ve allowed myself to buy a couple as a reward for not letting the polish addicted monster inside of me go nutz like a kid in the candy store and max out a credit card on nail polish. XD

First up we’ve got Sunrise Funfair by Femme Fatale, a really pretty peachy neon orange polish with gold shimmer.

sunrise funfair

This is such a pretty color, and the formula is really great. I was expecting the formula to be a little thin like most metallic/shimmery polishes tend to be. But Sunrise Funfair was opaque in 2 coats! This will definitely be a go-to summer and maybe even spring color.

I couldn’t pass this next polish up for a couple of reasons. The first one being the amazing deep burgundy shade, the next being the adorable name, Gloomy Kitty by Pretty Serious.

gloomy kitty

I can’t wait to wear this when fall arrives! This is definitely a dark and “vampirish” color – maybe that’s what I’ll be for Halloween? XD The formula is nice a rich and creamy, and goes on really well.

Ok…so everyone knows I’m a bookworm right? Ok. Now that that’s established/reminded, I am a sucker for anything that plays off of books in some way (be it games, art, this time nail polish…). These next two polishes are by A-England and are based off of the book Wuthering Heights. Granted, I wasn’t a huge fan of the book, but I’m all for the polish!

This one is called Wuthering Heights, a really pretty mauvey-purple with silver shimmer thrown in.

wuthering heights

This formula was a little bit thicker, but otherwise a wonderful polish, going almost completely opaque in one coat.

Lastly is my second favorite to Sunrise Funfair, Heathcliff. This is a blue, silver, and pink glitter polish in a black base. The glitter in this polish is just super packed in! I of course used the sponge technique to get a full coat of glitter though. 😉


I love this polish because from a distance it just looks shiny, maybe a little bit shimmery. But the closer you get the more visible the glitter is and more is sparkles!

I’m so in love with all of these polishes and can’t wait to get more (though Zach would argue that I already have enough….silly boy). What do you guys think about these polishes? Have you tried any of these brands? What’s your favorite Indie brand polish? Let me know in the comments below!!

till next post, Katie

* Disclaimer: all thoughts and opinions posted are my own. this is not an affiliated post. all products were purchased with my own money. I am not receiving any form of compensation for this post. I am not affiliated with any of the above companies/organizations/brands mentioned above*


Wet n Wild Summer 2016 Collection

Happy Wednesday everyone! I needed a little bit of a break from blogging, and it’s given me the opportunity to refresh some ideas and basically just give myself a needed break. In fact, from now on I’m considering taking a month or two break every May & June…but we’ll see about that next year eh? Today I’m going to be sharing some swatches of Wet n Wild’s Summer* line for 2016! I fell in love with their Spring collection they released earlier, but to be honest I’m much more of a summer person – I love bright and wild colors! Let’s take a look. 🙂

Leaf Me Be

Leaf Me Be is a super bright neon green, so obviously I had to apply this over a base of white to let it show its true neon potential. I’m not sure when I’ll wear this…but maybe I’ll think of some wild nail art for it? 🙂

Poppy Culture

Yay for another bright one! This polish is a gorgeous orange-hued red polish, and she’s pretty much 100% opaque with a single coat (score!)

Wild Wild Violet

Bright purples are some of my favorite colors, and Wild Wild Violet fits the bill very nicely. This one did take two coats to get completely opaque, but the color is definitely worth it. For whatever reason, however, this one did end up staining ALL of my nails HOT PINK… =_= needless to say that I’ve been even more anal about keeping polish on my nails for the past week or so…lol.

Cherry Blossom On Top

Not only is the name on this bright neon pink perfect, but oh my gosh so is the color! I’d say I’m in love with this one more than Wet n Wild’s It’s Sherbert-Day “wonder gel” polish. Ironically enough, this one did not stain my nails.

I love love love all four of these gorgeous bright summer polishes, and I can’t wait to try out some nail art with them for you guys!

**I was not paid for nor am I receiving compensation for reviewing the products mentioned above or writing about them. They were purchased by me, for me, and all opinions and views stated above are my own and 100% honest.**

Making My Own Nail Polish

You all know how deeply in love with nail polish I am, in fact it was part of what got me to start this blog! So naturally I jumped at the chance to try my own hand making some custom colored nail polish. I found this kit on a fantastic site called Bramble Berry* for just under 25 USD.


The kit comes with a bottle of nail polish base, 8 glass bottles, 8 sets of brushes/lids, 6 small plastic funnels, metal mixing beads, and 7 pouches of colorants. The kit that I bought came with black, coral, blue, fuchsia and purple micas and a silver and purple glitter.

Let the polish making begin!


Because the polish base is fairly thick, you absolutely do NOT want to attempt to use the funnels to pour in the base (in fact they are included in the box to add the colorant to the bottles). After that you can start mixing any colors you want.

I tried using the funnels at first but the mica is so fine that it easily clogs up the spout, so I ended up just using a 1/4 tsp spoon to add small amounts of color to the bottles as I saw fit – it was gonna be a mess either way, so why not.

After adding however much/little colorant/glitter to your bottle you just put the brush and lid on and mix until all the color has dispersed. The colors you end up with are absolutely beautiful.


So here’s what I ended up with (from left to right)-

Metallic Lilac, Coral with silver & purple glitter, Dark Blue, Fuchsia with purple glitter, Dark Purple, Dark Gray with silver glitter, Purple-Infused Blue, and Coral. Now it’s swatchy swatchy time!!! 🙂 Let’s see how the formula is on these babies.


First I swatched the plain, non-glittered polishes. From left to right: Metallic Lilac, Purple-Infused Blue, Dark Purple, Dark Blue, and Coral.


Next up was the glitters, which I only had three of. So ignore my thumb and pinky in this lol. From left to right: Coral with silver and purple glitter, Dark Gray with silver glitter, Fuchsia with purple glitter.

So, sadly the formula on these isn’t like what you’d find in a store bought polish. The polish is pretty thin, and no matter how much of the mica I added I couldn’t get it to a point where it was opaque in less than 3 coats. However, the colors were pretty vibrant once you get them on after 3 coats. And, because it is pretty thin the layers dry fairly fast.

The glitter in the glitter polishes I mixed stayed suspended really well, and dispersed onto the nail better than most store-bought glitter polishes actually do.

Overall, I think for a home-made polish kit these are pretty good. You end up with some cute polishes and even though they are kind of thin, like I said the layers dry fast enough that it’s not a huge issue in my book. Especially since after 3 coats it does become opaque. It’d be interesting to see if there was a large difference with plain matte colors, because like we polish lovers know metallic colors do tend to be thin anyhow.

I’m excited that I have 8 brand new polishes to add to my collection, and I’m definitely going to be looking for colors that I can use to make a matte color as opposed to the metallics provided in this kit. 🙂

till next post, Katie

* I am in no way affiliated with Bramble Berry, nor am I receiving any form of compensation for making a post on their product/s. The items mentioned above were bought with my own money.