Farewell to The Beautiful Geek

If you’re reading this, it means that I have officially stopped posting to The Beautiful Geek. As of now, the domain name is no longer mine and the web address is soon to be thebeautygeek.wordpress.com again, if it isn’t already by the time you’re viewing this message.

This farewell isn’t all sad though, because I’m also here to announce that I am continuing my blogging adventures on my new site, Live Love Sunshine. I can now also be found under a variation of some kind of Live Love Sunshine (livelovesunshine, live.love.sunshine, etc.) on social media. If you’re following me on Pinterest or Instagram, don’t worry – nothing is going away there, just more posts, more fun, all under a new name (think “Same great product, brand new packaging!”). I have also created a new Facebook Page for my new blog, which you can also follow here.

In my first post is a full explanation of why I made the decision to leave The Beautiful Geek behind.

Please feel free to hop on over and hit the follow button in the sidebar for me! I will be continuing to post about life, beauty, geeky stuff and more.

until we meet again, this is Katie of The Beautiful Geek, signing off. ❤


Be A Dragon

Happy Monday my lovely geeks! I hope your weekend was relaxing and fun. Who watches Game of Thrones? Zach and I do (it’s just one of the many obsessions we share) and OH MY GOSH last night’s episode was AMAZING. I loved it so much and I’m even more excited for next week’s episode! (don’t worry, you won’t find any spoilers here).

This week’s QOTW was inspired by Olenna Tyrell’s line when speaking to Daenerys.

“…you are not a sheep. You are a dragon. So be a dragon….”

keep calm and be a dragon

I don’t know why, but for some reason it sent shivers up my spine. Daenerys has come such a long way to get where she is now. And you know me, if I love a QOTW enough, I just have to make it into a phone background…

be a dragon wallpaper sample

Feel free to download it for your own phone background!

:: click here to download Be A Dragon Wallpaper ::

I hope you guys have a great week!


Just Breathe: Wallpaper

I love making my QOTW posts into wallpapers or phone backgrounds. Not only because it’s easy to just resize things – but it’s fun to find new ways to use things I’ve already created. This wallpaper features my most recent quote (obviously). Just Breathe.


Just in a bigger and better format perfect for a computer wallpaper!

:: click here to download ‘Just Breathe (Wallpaper)’ ::

I feel like it’s important to surround yourself with inspiration, so that no matter where you look it’s as if someone is always cheering you on. It’s like being your own secret cheerleader. 😉



QOTW iPhone Background 

Morning everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve loved a QOTW image so much that I needed it on my phone…and on my iPad…lol. But today I’m resharing this Sunday’s post, a sweet little Peter Pan quote. I love being able to take a peek at it every day from my phone. ❤

:: click here to download ‘To Live Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure’ ::

I hope you guys enjoy this background!

P.S. It also looks great as an iPad background. 😉

till next post, Katie

Batman Minimalist Art

Sooooo it’s been a while since I’ve been inspired to do some art, and I love minimalist art. It’s always a joy to create and figuring out the best way to use the space provided with as little as possible to make the biggest impact. This one was inspired by one of my favorite DC heroes, Batman.


This quote is probably one of my favorite and most memorable quotes from Batman. I’m also thinking about making a series of superhero minimalist art. What do you guys think?

On another note, would you guys be interested in purchasing these designs to use as art in your home or shirts? I’ve been thinking about selling some of my designs on websites like CafePress and the like, and if you guys are interested I’m definitely willing to give it a shot!

I hope your Saturday goes splendidly, and remember to eat your fiber this weekend. 😉

till next post, Katie