Farewell to The Beautiful Geek

If you’re reading this, it means that I have officially stopped posting to The Beautiful Geek. As of now, the domain name is no longer mine and the web address is soon to be thebeautygeek.wordpress.com again, if it isn’t already by the time you’re viewing this message.

This farewell isn’t all sad though, because I’m also here to announce that I am continuing my blogging adventures on my new site, Live Love Sunshine. I can now also be found under a variation of some kind of Live Love Sunshine (livelovesunshine, live.love.sunshine, etc.) on social media. If you’re following me on Pinterest or Instagram, don’t worry – nothing is going away there, just more posts, more fun, all under a new name (think “Same great product, brand new packaging!”). I have also created a new Facebook Page for my new blog, which you can also follow here.

In my first post is a full explanation of why I made the decision to leave The Beautiful Geek behind.

Please feel free to hop on over and hit the follow button in the sidebar for me! I will be continuing to post about life, beauty, geeky stuff and more.

until we meet again, this is Katie of The Beautiful Geek, signing off. ❤


GET READY WITH ME | Natural Every Day Look

HAPPY FRIDAY YA’LL!!! I’m actually getting more and more excited over coming out with new YouTube videos…even though it’s a ridiculously huge pain in the butt to film, then edit, then upload, then still make sure everything is perfect like, a gazillion times.

But somehow I feel like it’s helping me truly find myself and my personality is slowly starting to blossom and come through. (aka – slowly but surely my camera awkwardness is fading away).

Today I’m doing a quick get ready with me type of video, going over how I’ll usually do my makeup if I want something fairly fast, simple and natural looking. All of the items I used are mentioned at some point in the video, as well as being listed in the description box on YouTube.

Check it out!

I hope you enjoyed this installment of my adventures on YouTube! What kind of videos would you want to see me do? Let me know in the comments! (either here or on the video!).

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Have a great weekend loves!


Purple & Nude Fall Makeup

Happy Hump Day! You guys might have seen this picture on Instagram Sunday:


Needless to say it was one of the few days that I took the time to not only do a full face of makeup but my HAIR too! The hour and a half it took me to do my hair reminded me exactly the reason why I NEVER curl my hair. Reason 1 being that it takes forever. Reason 2 being that no matter what I do, it will all fall into a semi-wavy mess in about the same amount of time that it took to even make it curly. *cries*

Anyways, let’s get into the details!

I used the Nude Collection by Pure Cosmetics that I just got in my Fall FabFitFun box (reveal and review on that to arrive) as well as my favorite Fall lip color, a Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Shameless.


Colors Used:

  • Whipped (silvery light brown) – lid
  • Biscotti (bronze mid-tone brown) – crease
  • Espresso (dark shimmering brown) – outer corner

Other Products:

  • Carbon Black liquid eye liner by EyeKo London
  • Super Black Superhero Mascara by IT Cosmetics
  • Shameless Colorburst Matte Lip Balm by Revlon


It’s pretty simple and straightforward…

How To:

  1. Apply Whipped all over lid
  2. Blend Biscotti into the crease
  3. Apply Espresso in the outer corner and blend in well
  4. Finish the eyes with a cat eye and mascara
  5. Apply Revlon Colorburst Matte Lipbalm


I think this is by far my favorite look I’ve shared with you guys yet! And I’m still absolutely fawning over this vibrant purple lip color. ❤


What do you guys think? Do you have a favorite fall lip color? Let me know in the comments below!


Harley Quinn Inspired Makeup (Wearable)

Hey Puddin! Miss me? Of course you did. A couple weeks ago I made a Joker Inspired makeup look, and naturally I couldn’t resist completing the duo with a look inspired by my favorite crazy gal, Harley Quinn. This look is a little tamer than Joker’s, but I wanted it to be a more subtle look, playing off of the idea that deep down Harley is this bullied and used character, so she’s not as bright and colorful as he is.

Oh, and obviously I had to get into character – the pictures just wouldn’t look right otherwise. 😉


Thankfully my hair is now long enough that I can do my pigtails again. Like I said, hers is a much more subtle look, playing with her classic red and black colors as opposed to the newer colors she’s donned like the purples and blues.


Products Used:

  • Urban Decay Eye Primer
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Strawberry Milk
  • Sunset by IT Cosmetics (Naturally Pretty Palette)
  • Sunrise by IT Cosmetics (Naturally Pretty Palette)
  • Midnight by IT Cosmetics (Naturally Pretty Palette)
  • Noir by IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette)
  • EyeKo London Waterproof Liquid Liner in Carbon Black
  • Wet n Wild Megalast Pencil Liner in Blackest Black
  • IT Superhero Mascara in Super Black
  • Ulta Lip Liner in Punch
  • Moxie Lipstick in Be Bold

My Method:

  1. Prime eyes, then lay down a base of light pink with the NYX Jumbo Pencil, blend into crease.
  2. Pack Sunset onto lid, covering pink base, and blend out into the crease and outer corner, and along the lower lash line.
  3. Use Sunrise to blend Sunset out.
  4. Apple Midnight into the outer corner and crease, following with Noir in the outermost corner. Blend well!
  5. Line top lid with Liquid eyeliner, then use the pencil liner on the lower lash line. Curl lashes & apply mascara.
  6. Line lips with lip liner, following with lipstick

Note: I would have used a white eye creme in place of the Strawberry Milk Pencil, however I just used what was on hand. The main purpose was to lighten up my lid and give the powdered eyeshadow a good base to stick on so it would be more pigmented. Also, don’t forget the pigtails!

till next post, Katie

Joker-Inspired Makeup (Wearable)

Fall is coming guys! And we all know what that means -no, not the Pumpkin Spice Lattes- but HALLOWEEN is coming! Which, of course, is one of the best times of the year. So to kick it off I’ve decided that I’m going to branch out and try to get some more makeup looks here on my blog. Naturally I had to start with a Joker-Inspired makeup look that’s a bit more, uh, wearable than a full Joker face. Now obviously this isn’t appropriate for say, a formal office setting. But a night out on the town or maybe a party (or if your work place is ok with wild makeup) this would be great.

Joker Makeup Collage

I really wanted to touch back on his purple and green scheme, so for my eyes I went for a bright green base and a purple crease, accented with dark purple, green and shimmery purple eyeliners. And of course, we couldn’t forget that signature red lip. 😉

Products Used:

  • Urban Decay Eye Primer
  • Bordello (lightest crease shade) by UD
  • Flash (bright purple crease shade) by UD
  • Tornado (dark purple outer V shade) by UD
  • Grasshhopper (green lid shade) by UD Vice Palette
  • Retrograde (dark purple top lid liner) by UD 24/7 Liquid Liner
  • Emerald Isle (dark green top lid liner) by Model Launcher
  • VooDoo (purple shimmer lower lash liner) by UD 24/7 Glide On Pencil Liner
  • Supercurl Curling Mascara by UD
  • Cherry Skies (deep red lip cream) by NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick

Note: I didn’t put down what products I used for my foundation/etc, simply because the focus in this look are the eyes and lip.

I first started by coloring in my crease with Bordello to get a nice purple fade going, followed by Flash to brighten it up and intensify the purple. After those were faded in nicely, I used Tornado to darken the outer V crease of my eye. Then, using lots of the shade Grasshopper, I filled in my lid with the bright slightly-shimmery green to pay the proper homage to Joker. Once everything was blended in properly, I lined my top lash line with Retrograde (a great dark purple liquid liner) and then lined it again with Emerald Isle to bring more green into the look. Then it was as simple as using Voodoo to line my lower lash line and popping on Urban Decay’s Supercurl Curling Mascara to finish the eyes. And for the lips I used Cherry Skies, a beautiful cream/matte lipstick by NYX.

I’m still getting the hang of photographing makeup looks…lol anyone have any tips? I’m always open to pointers! But in the meantime, I hope you guys like this Joker-inspired makeup look, I hope to do a Harley-inspired look as well as some more Halloween-ready versions as well.

till next post, Katie