Tiffany Blue & Glitter Mani Revamp

Happy Wednesday my lovely geeks! A while ago I posted this super cute mani featuring Tiffany & Ariel’s Tale by Picture Polish. When I originally posted this, I really wanted to make a video of me doing it – however, I just never got the time to do so.


But today, I’m bringing you guys a super special surprise!

I redid this adorable mani for you all (with slight changes to the rhinestone layout)…and I caught it on tape! πŸ˜‰

tiffany blue & glitter

(I apologize for the kinda crappy lighting – we just recently moved and I wasn’t able to find my photo lights 😦 )

But here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – my very first YouTube nail tutorial!!!

Products Used

  • Salon Sciences – Instant Artificials Base Coat
  • Picture Polish – Tiffany
  • Picture Polish – Ariel’s Tale
  • Silver rhinestones
  • Cosmetic wedge sponges

So – I guess now would be as good a time as any to say this, but if you liked the video please hop on over to my YouTube channel and hit subscribe. I won’t be posting videos super often just yet (mostly due to lack of proper filming equipment – this was all done on my iPhone 7 camera πŸ˜„ ) but I hope to slowly push out more over the year. At least 1 a month is my goal right now.

So what’d you think? Anything I could improve on in my videos? (I’m sure there’s a long list!) Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to know if you guys have any tips or tricks, or things you’d like me to make a video on!



Spring Pink Holo Nails

Happy Wednesday my beautiful geeks! Spring is finally here, which means it’s the perfect time for pastels (aka some of my favorite shades). Of course, since I’ve realized I am 100% a holosexual, I felt it was necessary to include a pink holo polish in my first Spring design. This one is simple and cute, and perfect for welcoming the fresh new season.

spring pink holo

What’s better than a french tip, pink polish, AND pink holo?……actually….I can’t really think of anything. This design is so easy to recreate, and you can literally use ANY color combo. You can even substitute a normal creme polish for the holo (but who would want to do that?). You could also opt for a straight up glitter polish instead. Silver would be a good option, if you don’t have any colored glitter/holo that matches the spring color you wanted to use.

spring pink holo polishes

For this look I used Wet n Wild’s Megalast polish in Love Fest (from the 2016 Spring Collection) and Menchie the Cat by Starrily & SimplyNailogical.

I’m so happy with this design – it’s simple but easy, and the french tip can quickly be done with either tape or nail decals. Just be sure that your base color is 100% dry before attempting! πŸ˜‰

My work schedule has made it a little hard to find time to even paint my nails a single color, let alone attempting some nail art. So being able to get this design on my nails fairly quickly makes me very happy – I notice that I get kind of depressed if I go too long without having nail polish or a design on my fingers. πŸ˜„ I’m hoping that with Spring here and Summer on it’s way, I’ll be more inspired and will be able to maybe even make my first nail art video! Fingers crossed!


Not All That Glitters Is Gold…Sometimes It’s Holo ;)

Holo everyone πŸ˜‰

Today I’m bringing you this simple but shimmery (not to mention holo) St. Patrick’s Day inspired look.

St. Patrick's Day 2017

This look was achieved using the items below!

  • SaGreena The Teenage Witch by Wet n Wild Fastdry
  • The Gold & The Beautiful by Wet n Wild Fastdry
  • Intergalactic Dust by Polish Alcoholic
  • Shamrock Stencils by Whats Up Nails

Intergalactic Dust (the holo top coat) is 100% optional, if you prefer something a little more toned down. But after I topped everything with The Gold & The Beautiful I felt like it was missing just a little something…so obviously a holo top coat was completely called for. πŸ˜‰

I hope you guys all have a safe and fun St. Patrick’s Day this Friday!



Lady Bug Nail Art

It’s hump-day everybody! We’ve made it halfway through the week! A few days ago I realized that it’s been a while since I’ve actually posted a true blue nail art tutorial. So I looked through my little notebook of ideas and I came across the draft for this lady bug design and I figured that since spring was on it’s way, why not?


This lady bug design is the most adorable design that I’ve done in a while, and it’s actually pretty easy! The only real “tool” necessary is a dotting tool – and of course you could always use a bobby pin or toothpick (or even the end of a pencil if you’re desperate) as well.


Items You’ll Need

  • I Red A Good Book {Wet N Wild Megalast}
  • Correction Tape {Spoiled by Wet N Wild}
  • Black Tie {Confetti}
  • Permission To Proceed {Spoiled by Wet N Wild}
  • Dotting Tool

How To

  1. Paint index nail white, and all others red.
  2. On your index finger, use the dotting tool to create small leaves at opposite corners of your nail, and a red dot in between.
  3. Using the dotting tool, use a small amount of black polish to define the ladybug & leaves, and then to create the small dashes behind the ladybug.
  4. To finish up, use the dotting tool and black polish to create ladybug-like dots on all of the red nails.

Of course, don’t forget to finish off with a glossy top coat! I’m so happy with the way this turned out. It’s not often that ideas on paper come out the same way in reality, so this is a definite win in my book!

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Psst….here’s a little surprise! I put together this tutorial graphic just in case you wanted to save this on Pinterest! πŸ˜‰


Sally Beauty Haul

It’s the first haul of the year, and naturally it had to be polish. >_> Β See, originally I went into my local Sally Beauty store to get my go-to base coat, Instant Artificials. But then I saw all of these beautiful polishes, all of these new polishes that do cool things, so I tell myself that “I need to try these out for my blog!”. And so what should’ve been a 5 minute, $20 trip became a 35 minute, $100 trip….but I got a free pink overnight bag so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

Sally Beauty Haul 2017.jpg

These are all products that I’ve seen briefly before and have wanted to try, but hadn’t had access to them before now. The first ones I grabbed were the ORLY Breathable Treatment + Color Polishes. These are supposed to be an all-in-one base, color AND topcoat in one bottle. I’ve tried out Wet N’ Wild’s version a little while ago, and I wasn’t totally impressed for a few reasons. And while I’ve been meaning to retest it now that I have longer nails, I’d like to see how the ORLY polishes hold up in comparison.

The next ones I went for have been on the market for a while, the ORLY EPIX Flexible Nail Color. I’ve been eyeing these for a while because they’re supposed to be “flexible” when dry, so they bend and move with your nails instead of chipping and flaking off. It’s also supposed to have some sort of smudge-fixing feature, so smudges fix themselves while drying. We’ll see how this works (I’m actually super excited).

By this point I knew I needed to leave, so I made my way to the counter, back down the nail polish aisle I had come up (I know, that was my first mistake). But then I saw a super pretty glittery Finger Paints polish….that called out to my heart so naturally I grabbed that too. It’s a multi-color glitter polish that kinda reminds me of unicorns. ❀

I had FINALLY made it to the line to check out…

When I caught a glimpse of the OPI Infinite Shine polishes, and saw that they had the base and topcoat in a set…which is cheaper of course than getting all 3 (base, color, and topcoat) separately. So silly and by this point impulsive me snatched those up too. I have always loved OPI, but changed my polish up so frequently that length of wear didn’t matter too much. But I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older and I’ve changed jobs/gotten new responsibilities/new hobbies, I don’t have as much time on my hands as before to be able to keep redoing my manis. As sad as it makes me, it’s the truth, so I made myself happier by reminding myself that this means I can try out new polishes and get better, longer lasting ones. πŸ˜„

I am super excited to try all of these polishes, so you can definitely look forward to some swatch & review posts later in the upcoming months!