Nothing Comes From Not Trying

Happy Monday! I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day, and that ya’ll’s weekend was awesome! This QOTW stems directly from how I’ve been feeling lately – which is to say, I’ve been feeling like doing absolutely nothing.

2017 nothing comes from not trying

I’ve been so caught up in moving and work that I’ve neglected my blog, my plans for my business, and even my own well-being.

That being said, I also haven’t exactly tried. I haven’t attempted to sit down and make a blog post. I haven’t really allowed myself time to do anything with my business. And most importantly, I haven’t let myself sit back and truly relax and take care of myself. It’s been forever since I did my nails just for me, or even played any video games. I’ve been focusing so much on getting my life together yet at the same time I’ve been letting everything fall apart.

So here’s to trying. Here’s to making an effort. To giving it a shot. I need to try harder – I need to DO. Because, of course, as we all know, it’s do or do not. There is no try.

Luckily, I have this entire week off, so I’m hoping that it will not only allow me to give myself time to play and really enjoy myself, but to get a good life/blog/business planning balance going.

What have you been neglecting in your life?


Don’t Ruin A Good Today

Long time no post huh? This past month and a half have been so utterly, ridiculously, stupidly busy and stressful. Zach and I moved as of the first of May, and here we are, the second to last week of the month. (and we are STILL trying to get a few things unpacked/put away)

So, I figured that this QOTW was as good as any – because I’ve been dwelling a lot on previous bad days. Simply because, well, I’m a dweller. I think and overthink and dwell on everything under the sun. And between work being crazy stressful to trying to make this new house we’re renting feel like a home, it’s been hard for me to find the energy to put up any content.

As a result, I’ve been more stressed because I know that I need to make a blog post (but don’t have time to). Which means on top of already feeling worn out from work and moving, I’m feeling crappy about being MIA here in blogland. This leads to stress eating, leading to weight gain (I’ve actually gained about 10 pounds in the last month and a half!), leading to mild depression over said weight gain. It’s a vicious cycle, and it’s hard to break if you’re a person that dwells on everything that went wrong the day or days before.

This post is more to me than just another blog post. It’s me getting back and my depression and stress. I may not be able to post as consistently right now as I’d like, in fact, I may only be able to get one or two posts up a week. But it’s a start in the right direction. To further this whole change I’m going to be trying to be more physically active and eat better – in fact as I’m writing this I’m sipping on a chocolate banana protein shake for breakfast instead of sugary cereal (or just coffee).

So, there will more than likely be a few changes to my posting schedule, at least for now until I get to feeling better. On the bright side, I have a surprise for you guys to come on Wednesday! I worked really hard on it and I hope you guys like it, as it’s something I’ve been wanting to branch out into for quite some time now. Make sure to come back later in the week to check it out!

In the meantime, let’s work together on not dwelling on the bad things that may have happened in the past. Spending too much time in the past takes away from all of the good things that could happen today! ❤


60 Seconds

Good morning and again, happy Monday loves. There has been A LOT going on this past week, and I apologize for my little disappearing act. Sometimes life throws a curveball and well, you’ve just gotta catch it.

I’ve basically been so stressed out that I’ve spent all of my free time sleeping or dealing with the stress topic. And unfortunately it’s led to some stress-induced angry outbursts. Which is what brought this quote to mind.

60 seconds.jpeg

You can’t change the situation you’re in. But you can change your attitude about it. And trust me, it’s easy to let those tiny little minutes of anger add up to 15, then 30, and before you know it it’s been an hour and you’ve been stewing in your anger for no good reason other than the fact that it’s much easier to be mad than it is to force your mindset to change.

So, it’s my goal this week to not only get myself back on track, but to focus on changing my mindset when my emotions are threatening to get the better of me.

What’s your goal this week? What is your mantra when you get stressed or upset? Let me know in the comments below!


Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out

I’ve come to realize that almost everyone has grown up with Dr. Seuss. Nearly everybody is acquainted with the quirky rhymes of his books, in fact one of his quotes was already a QOTW quite a while ago.

2017 stand out

It’s simple and to the point. Everyone was born to be different. No two people are exactly the same, and this is a good thing. We aren’t meant to all be alike, to be clones or carbon copies of someone else.

Embrace your differences and unique qualities, learn to love them and nurture them. You’d be surprised how much happier you’ll be when you focus on being yourself and making yourself happy as opposed to trying to be like everyone else all the time.



Life. Sucks.

There’s no denying it. There’s no hiding it. At some point in everybody’s life, it just sucks to be where we are. We are all handed a tough situation every once in awhile, and for some that happens to be more often than for others. It really, truly, super sucks to have to deal with it. It’s annoying, frustrating, irritating, aggravating….the list could go on and on. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to make the best of what we’re handed.


In the moment, when you’re faced with a difficult situation, it may seem ridiculously unfair or impossible to overcome. But nothing can be accomplished if you spend all of your time feeling bad about it. There’s really no point to focusing on feeling upset about the situation, as that won’t get you out of it.

You can be bitter and sour about it if you’d like, but it won’t make the experience any better for you or anyone around you. It’s best to take a breath, grit your teeth, and smile. Do your best to find something positive. Find that silver lining. Sweeten the deal for yourself in some small way. Think “because of _____ I’m going to be able to do _____” or “now that I’ve had experience with _____ I’ll be better able to handle a situation like ____ in the future”.

So the next time you find yourself with a pitcher of lemon juice, find a way to dilute the sour and sweeten the situation for yourself. You’ll be much happier (and as a result so will others around you) sipping on lemonade.