Quick Update & Happy Friday

Hi my geeks! I’m here with a quick update before I head off to enjoy the weekend with my family! 😀

So next week will be the busiest I’ve had in a while. On Monday I’ve got my interview at the animal clinic, and then I’ve also got my driver’s test too! I’m so excited and yet soooo nervous. XD And guess what else? I have a phone interview on Wednesday!!!! 😀

I am so excited, and just over-the-moon thrilled that my life is starting to move forward again!

Now, to the bloggy news.

I am going to try to get all of the missing photos back onto the blog by sometime next week, and I’m going to try to post something everyday. Not sure what, but I’ve got a couple of ideas. I’m hoping to have a full week schedule to go by, with different posts every day. Still in the processing stage though, so I’ll let you guys know when I’ve got that figured out.

I have also been contemplating starting a YouTube channel. I’ve wanted to almost since the beginning of my blog, but haven’t really been confident enough to give myself the push to do it. What do you guys think? Should I start my very own YouTube channel? What would you want to watch? Challenges? Vlogging? I know for sure that I want to do nail and/or makeup videos, and I’d really like to do gaming videos too (but I have NO idea where to start with that…help?? Most of my games are on the Xbox 360, but I do play The Sims & World of Warcraft, and I’m getting into League of Legends…what would I need to record? Editing? I’m clueless over here…. x_x ). Let me know of any ideas or suggestions you guys have in the comments below!

I hope you guys have a great weekend!

till next post, Katie


Some Changes…

Happy Monday everyone! As you all probably noticed I took last week off, which is perfectly fine. I have a blog, but I also have a life. And in the grand scheme of things, my life has to come first. So, last week I had to take some time to organize and figure stuff out for my real life, and to figure out a better life/blog/business planning/work balance. It seems like so much…but I know that once I get an efficient plan put in place (and stick to it, that’s the hard part) I’ll be able to handle everything.

The BF and I are planning on moving out sometime in the near future, so lately I’ve been setting up spreadsheets like nobody’s business. Spreadsheets on income, spreadsheets on expenses, on and on and on. And you know what? I’m not even done with those spreadsheets. Yup. I’m the girl that will plan and plan and plan (and then re-plan) everything and anything she can. There shalt not be anything that’s NOT pre-planned. Of course, we all know that there’s this little thing called “life” that tends to change a lot. So, I decided it was time for a new plan. So, what is this new plan, you ask? It’s simple, really. My plan is to….

Not Plan

Well, when it comes to my blog at least. I’m going to stop the weekly scheduled posts. It was putting me under too much pressure to keep up with a blogging schedule. So from now on I will just be posting whenever (and whatever) I can and want, or need. Some weeks may have lots of posts, while others will have few or none. I may just post stuff on beauty products, or maybe geeky stuff. Or a nice blend of both. So for the most part, my blog will be like my life. Random, but steady. Does that make sense?

I will be trying to do my posts on my every day life, and I really want to get more into blogging about my business. But one step at a time.

Once I move out of my parents house I will definitely have more time to blog, and to work on my business. Which I am sooo excited about. Right now there’s just too many chores and to-dos on the family farm to save any room for much blogging or business planning 😦

So what’s up with me? Quite a lot really. BF and I are going to take a look at an apartment complex this Friday, and I’m super excited about it. It looks…perfect. And the best part about it is that we will be able to bring Harli with us, and a $25 per month pet fee (the cheapest we’ve been able to find in our area). We plan on splitting rent with a friend, which will definitely lighten the load for us poor kids. I think the only thing about this whole thing that’s stressing me out is the fact that I haven’t mentioned any of this to my parents…I’m just terrified of telling them, you know? I’m afraid that they’ll try to guilt-trip me into staying (“oh we need your help so much here, you make everything easier”, and the rest). But, I’ll just have to suck it up and stand my ground I suppose. I mean hey, if I can hold my ground against them trying to make me go to college (long story, and definitely one for later post), I can hold my ground against them on this too. Yeah. Go team Katie! I can do this…I think.

Well, regardless of how *that* conversation goes, I’ll let you guys know lol.

till next post, Katie

I’m Back!

You’ve probably already noticed a few major changes, so let’s start with those. The first thing you’ll have noticed is that I HAVE MY OWN DOMAIN!!! Yes, it’s true :). Also note that I have changed the name of my blog. It is now “The Beautiful Geek”. I found that this name suits what my blog is about much better than “Beauty Geek” did.

Ok, next you’ll definitely have noticed that I am using a new theme (Adelle by BluChic) and the layout is a simpler, more bloggy style. You’ll also have noticed that the navigation menu has changed, so I’ll give you a walkthrough of that next. You’ll see some new menu items, I’ll go over those in a bit.

nav bar pic

Moving from left to right:

  • Home: this brings you back to the main page of my blog from anywhere on the site.
  • Site Stuff: this is where you’ll find links to my Site News and Blogging Awards.
  • Blog: this item is to display everything from my life topics, business talk, candle stuff, poetry, and my thoughts, rants and ramblings. And my monthly favorites.
  • Post Series: this is where you’ll find links to my new blog series’: Beautiful Monday, Geeky Wednesday, Pins of the Week, Life Updates, and Monthly Favorites (more on these later).
  • Beauty: ok so now we’re getting to the good stuff. this tab is where you’ll find links to my nail stuff (art, care, product reviews, my polish collection and nail art portfolio site) and skin stuff (care and product reviews). I’ve decided that since I’ve always been into skin care stuff that it’d be a pretty darn good idea to incorporate this into my blog as well. 🙂
  • Geekery: ah, geek stuff, how I love you so. Here you’ll find everything geek-related. My game reviews, updates, geek talk, the sims stuff (like challenges, custom content, and expansion pack reviews) and Warhammer 40k painting projects. Oh, and you’ll also see a link for tech + gadget reviews (as well as some random things).
  • Disclosure + Policies: basically a page for some semi-legal mumbo jumbo. 🙂
  • About: a page about, you guess it, ME!
  • Contact: you can use this page to get a hold of me. 🙂

Alright, so now that’s done…on to the sidebar. I only have one with this theme, so I’ve cut down some of the old widgets.

From top to bottom:

  • Search: kinda self explanatory
  • Like me on Facebook: you can click the link to see my facebook page, and below it is a feed of my status updates.
  • Follow widget: yup, of course I had to keep the “It’s only logical” phrase in there. 🙂
  • Commenting Policy: ok so this is new. Basically a little reminder that, while I love talking with others, there are some Do’s and Don’ts of commenting.
  • TBG Archives: also self explanatory

You’ll also notice that over the next week or so I’ll be inputting new images for my nail art tutorials. I’ve put them in a new format, so I hope you guys like it. 🙂 Now we’re on the topic, let’s talk about the new menu items shall we? First is the new post series.

  • Beautiful Monday: this is the day I will now be posting beauty-related posts. So all of my nail art, etc will be featured on Mondays. Do note that there’s no telling if it will be a nail art tutorial, polish review, or something on skin care, so it frees up what I’m able to post that day and keeps the content fairly fresh and different.
  • Geeky Wednesday: basically the same as for Beauty Monday, except with geek-related topics. I’ll probably be posting more Sims related stuff that game reviews, etc. But I’ll try to get a little bit of everything in so no one (including me) gets bored.
  • Pins of the Week: I’m excited about this one. Every week, on Friday, I’ll be sharing with you my favorite pins of that week. I’ll be sure to post all the original links and give photo credit to the right people.
  • Life Updates: these will be a once a month post on the last Friday of each month.
  • Monthly Favorites: posted on the last Monday of each month, this will be a post displaying my favorite items of that month.

New blogging topics:

  • Skin care/product reviews: I will now be posting skin care tips and product reviews! 🙂
  • Game Updates: this will be an update of whatever game I’m playing. Seeing as I game predominantly on the Xbox, I might not be able to share gameplay images, but I’m looking into doing that later on (and eventually I want to do Game Play-through videos 🙂 )
  • The Sims Challenges: I will be trying out different challenges in The Sims and sharing my progress here. I will be posting gameplay images for these.
  • The Sims Custom Content: On occasion I’ll be creating and sharing houses I build (and maybe families, Sims, pets…?) on the Sims website, and also sharing them here as well.
  • The Sims Expansion Packs: I will be doing reviews of new expansion packs! 🙂
  • Warhammer 40k Painting: this is fairly new to me, and while I don’t play the game, I thoroughly enjoy building and painting the figures. I will be posting pictures of the figures and sets I paint to share with you guys.

And I think that’s about it. I hope you guys like the new and improved blog, because I do. I can’t wait to get blogging again! 🙂

till next post, Katie

Remodel Status: In Progress!

Hey everyone! Long time no blog right?! Well I’m thrilled to say that I am now in the process of remodeling the blog, so don’t be alarmed when things start moving around and/or disappearing! When all of this is over I’m going to take some screen shots and give you a tour! But until then bear with me, this may take a day or so (definitely not finishing this tonight, it’s about 1:30 AM!).

Also, as a notice, I will be changing (or already have) the name of my blog to “The Beautiful Geek”. I will also be getting my own domain, so please be aware of that change. 🙂 I can’t wait to get back to blogging!

Some Sad News (Temporarily)

Hello everyone, Katie here. Thing have recently gotten really really busy around here. I’m in the process of rearranging my room to making it a better blogging environment for myself, and my BF of 3 years and I are talking about moving in together at the end of the year. On top of that, I am working on remodeling my blog. I’ve got so much more to do before it’s ready, so Beauty Geek is going to be MIA for a little while longer. But, until then, I’m going to be taking a small break from my blog to get my ducks in a nice row. While my blog will still remain open for now, I won’t be posting any new blog posts from me for a while. My main focus at this point is to get myself completely organized so I can manage my life and my blog and still remain sane.  So please, bare with me until I get things sorted out on my end. I know, it’s horrible to do this to a blog, no matter what circumstances. But, I feel I need a fresh start.

When I started blogging last year, I really had no idea what I was doing. Now, I’ve got a better idea of what I want this blog to be about, and how to put that into action. So I will be back my fellow geeks, I’ve just got to take some time off, get my turrets in a row, and hopefully the remodel will be quick and painless. Again, I will be MIA for a while. Then, when my changes are ready to be made, I will be posting a notification to let you all know the date of the remodel. In this notification I will be listing some of the changes you can expect.

I hope you all have the heart to stick with me until I’m back on track, but hopefully it won’t take long at all to get everything sorted. Especially now, when I don’t have to keep up with posts. I’m really sorry to do this, but I feel like this is the healthiest thing to do for my blog. I love you all, and I appreciate each and every one of you so much.

Until my next post,