Farewell to The Beautiful Geek

If you’re reading this, it means that I have officially stopped posting to The Beautiful Geek. As of now, the domain name is no longer mine and the web address is soon to be thebeautygeek.wordpress.com again, if it isn’t already by the time you’re viewing this message.

This farewell isn’t all sad though, because I’m also here to announce that I am continuing my blogging adventures on my new site, Live Love Sunshine. I can now also be found under a variation of some kind of Live Love Sunshine (livelovesunshine, live.love.sunshine, etc.) on social media. If you’re following me on Pinterest or Instagram, don’t worry – nothing is going away there, just more posts, more fun, all under a new name (think “Same great product, brand new packaging!”). I have also created a new Facebook Page for my new blog, which you can also follow here.

In my first post is a full explanation of why I made the decision to leave The Beautiful Geek behind.

Please feel free to hop on over and hit the follow button in the sidebar for me! I will be continuing to post about life, beauty, geeky stuff and more.

until we meet again, this is Katie of The Beautiful Geek, signing off. ❤


TextArt App Review

Amidst all of our busy and hectic lives, we always find a way to make time for our phones and apps, and playing around with our favorite social media apps. And, for those like me, it can kind of be time consuming and sometimes boring to find inspiration for posts or inspirational quotes. That being said, I’m always on the look out for apps and programs that will make my life easier in that aspect.

Introducing TextArt by SafeSpace, Inc. SafeSpace, Inc. reached out to me once before, you may recall the awesome Picas App that I reviewed a while ago. So of course, I had to give their newest app a go.

TextArt img

*I’ll go ahead and mention now that I was provided this app for free for reviewing purposes. That being said, my review of this product (as always) will be 100% unbiased and truthful.* 

Ok, now that that’s out of the way…

With inspirational quotes with pretty background pictures being all the rage, there’s going to be tons of different apps to choose from. But, only a few of them are quick and simple to use. TextArt is one of them. This app makes creating designs (especially for social media) on the go super easy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You have a good variety of text stylings to choose from, anywhere between super modern, classic, and even a few playful styles. You can also tap through the different variances of each styling. Like a font style but not exactly happy with how the spacing and grouping is? Just tap away until you’re happy with a layout you prefer.

You can also choose to use your own image as a background or a super pretty premade background from their small image library. My personal favorites are definitely the watercolor backgrounds, if you couldn’t tell from my last two QoTW 😉

2017 always believe

2017 stay true to yourself

There are also options to pick either a specific color for you text, or from one of the many presets of font colors that range from your basic black/white/gray to gold glitter, marble, ombre, and even a rustic wood-grain effect.

So at this point you’re probably wondering, “hey, this looks awesome and sounds super easy to use, where can I find it to play with this neat app myself?!”. You can go ahead and ::click here for the iTunes download::

There are, of course, a couple of downsides to this app however. Firstly, while the app is easy and fun to use, it does come at the hefty price of $4.99 USD on iTunes. I feel like for this price (and absolutely no free download version available) the app should come equipped with a larger background image library, as it is kind of limited as I mentioned briefly above. I also feel like it should also include a larger range of font styles and the ability to manually adjust the alignment of your text choices.

I do understand that this app is definitely made for quick and on the go creations, but $4.99 seems a bit much in my opinion for an app that is so simple, especially when there are other apps out there that cost much less – or are free – for the same thing if not more.

My recommendation? Bump down the price to maybe $0.99 or even a dollar, or create a free version people can try out before buying, then amp up the possibilities with either a full priced version or one time upgrade with a few more image choices in the library and maybe even a couple more font styles and custom alignment options. This is indeed a good app, but I just worry that so many people will simply scroll on by this app without even looking at the description with such a high price.

That being said, who knows what they’ll add to the app in future updates. Maybe they are already working on adding more text styles, etc. to make it worth that $5! I’ll have to keep playing with the TextArt and check back in later if they do.

So what’s my overall verdict?


It’s a 3 out of 5 for me for now. I love the idea behind it, and I loved the fact that they super-simplified the process of creating content, but I just feel like it’s not quite worth the price point they’re looking for. Of course, I’m absolutely by no means an expert on any of this, I just know from personal experience that I’m not very likely to put out almost $5 for an app I have no idea that I’ll like or not.

If there was a free version with a few less options and then maybe an one time upgrade for the rest of the background, text and color options I would be way more into it.

But hey, maybe you’ve tried this app out and love it for all of it’s quick and simple creation abilities. Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are!



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Picas App Review

We live in a world of filters and photoshop. It’s rare that we see actual art, yet there are thousands of apps and filters that are designed to make our photos look like paintings or drawings. Needless to say, not all of them are created equal. And, to be honest, for a long time I was really skeptical of them.

I was approached about a month ago by a representative of IObit, requesting that I give their app, Picas, a go. In order to get a better grasp of how the app functioned and felt, I was also provided with a special code that gave me a month of access to the premium features that they offer.

Picas- Free Art Photo Editor

Picas is a free art photo editor. It can turn every your photo into artworks! With deep neural networks and artificial intelligence, Picas offers variety of different effects, filters and styles for enhancing pictures. Picas easily allows you to share your artworks on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or simply save to albums to use where you like.

Have you ever imagined that Picasso would paint you a portrait? Or Van Gogh paint Manhattan as starry night?

Picas helps you create artworks easier than ever!

The general idea behind Picas is to make photos that you take on your phone appear as though someone has drawn or painted them in some sort of way, giving selfies a whole new look.

Here’s a listing of all of the features mentioned in the app description:

What makes Picas outstanding:

  • Be an artist and create artworks for daily life
  • Deep AI and neural network algorithm integrated
  • 100 more creative and fantastic artistic filters
  • Free to crop and fine tune the intensity of filters
  • Super fast photo processing
  • Clean UI easy to use and share

With VIP subscription you can:

  • Create HD images unlimitedly
  • Enjoy 10 exclusive art filters per month
  • Enjoy thunder speed processing photo
  • No watermark
  • No ads

Pretty neat huh? Using AI to help make your photos look like actual art? How cool is that?! If you want access to the VIP/Premium features like no ads or watermarks, there’s a $9.99 charge. For the sake of this post I left the Picas watermarks on the photos. I unfortunately don’t remember the names of the filters I used…but they’re all fairly straightforward.

picas 2

The filter above turned my selfie look almost like a painting…see those “brushstrokes”? I makes me wonder how it would look if it was printed onto canvas…idea maybe? We’ll see. The great thing is you can adjust how strongly you want your chosen filter to be applied, which I had to adjust on the images in this post. Some of the filters come on a little too strongly, but depending on your preferences full filter could be exactly what you need.

picas 3

It was interesting to play around with the different filters, from ones that looked like sketches, watercolor, to this one above that made the photo of Harli look like it she was painted in some modern art style or recreated in a digital program. (I kinda want to get this one framed, it’s so interesting looking!)

picas 1

Obviously Picas works well on both people and pets, but places too! Ya’ll know I have a certain fondness for the Japan section in Epcot, I can almost never resist taking a new photo of the buildings every time I go. The filter I used on this picture made it look like it might belong on a Japanese tapestry….maybe 😉

So what’s the verdict? What did this geek think of the Picas app?


Overall, it’s a great app. It handles photos really well, and there are quite a few neat filters to use and play around with. It does take a little playing around with to really get the feel of the app, and to get a grasp of what pictures are best to use with certain filters. For example, the cartoony/modern art filter I used on Harli looked suuuuper wonky on both my selfie and the Japanese landscape regardless of how much I toned down the filter.

It is definitely what I would call an “acquired taste” kind of app. You wouldn’t think that it’s that big of a deal, but once you get into it the appeal definitely becomes a little infectious. The only thing I wish I could do is mix different filters on the same photo at the same time. Sure, you could put a filter on a picture, save it, and then apply a new filter on top, but that takes a little too much time.

All in all, Picas is a fun and quirky app. While it takes some getting used to, once you know how it works it’s almost addictive. You guys should definitely check it out! You can :click here for the iTunes download: or :click here for the Google download: ! ❤

Have a great weekend loves!


*I am not affiliated with IObit, nor am I receiving compensation for writing this 100% honest review* 

Adobe Spark Post App Review

~I am not affiliated with Adobe, nor am I receiving any form of compensation for writing this post~

As a blogger, I’m always on the lookout for things that can make making posts both fun and easy for me. I’m also almost always on the go, so being able to create image content for my posts while traveling is important. A little while ago I discovered the Adobe Spark Post App. Not only is it free, but it makes creating blog images sooooo easy to do.


I don’t use this as an image editing application, as it’s not what it was designed for. Spark Post is meant to transform basic images into content photos that you can use on your blog, then easily reformat to fit instagram, pinterest, facebook and more.


Spark Post provides you with multiple pre-made themes to choose from, all of which you can tweak as you need, be it the color scheme, font, or text layout. Just pick one and you’re on your way to making a great header image.


The app also makes playing with typography super easy for those of us who are less than awesome at it. Just drag the corners of the text boxes around and the text will move and fit to make anything look amazing. You can choose from a variety of border shapes to go with the text, adjust the text alignment, pick from a multitude of fonts to go with your theme, play with the opacity levels and even the spacing!


And on top of all of those neat features to play with on your images – Spark Post provides you with tons of pre-made designs to choose from to play with or give you inspiration. Need a basic background image? They’ve also provided you with a large library of free-to-use images. I’ve taken advantage of this feature multiple times to create images for my QOTW, like this Peter Pan inspired post

to live would be an awfully big adventure

And you can decide to just use a plain color background for more simplicity, like I used here –



You can even use Spark Post to make your designs move in a video-like post, which is one feature I’ve yet to experiment with.

This app is wonderful and amazing and the fact that it’s free to use is incredible. It’s made it so much easier to bring you guys fresh takes on quotes for my QOTW posts, and I can’t wait to start using it in more situations.

My overall rating?


5 Stars for sure! The uses for Adobe Spark Post are endless, and so far it’s inspired me to create some pretty nice pieces.

Have you guys tried this app out? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!


~all app display images are from the iTunes Application Store~



iOS 7, Here We Come!

this is not a sponsored post. I was not offered any form of compensation to write this. all thoughts and opinions are my own* 

I think it’s safe to say that I’m a huge Apple fangirl. I love Apple products. Every product I’ve owned has worked so wonderfully and just makes it a joy to use, even for daily and mundane tasks like basic office work. Heck, I loved my iMac at work so much that I invested in one for myself at home. And while I don’t consider myself a “hardcore” Apple fan-girl (I don’t have the urge to buy every single new product they push out, however awesome they may be – my iPad 2 works just fine), I’m always excited to see their newest pieces of technologic goodness. Like the to-be-released-tomorrow iOS 7. I’m totally psyched for it. It looks so clean, functional, minimal, and deliciously pretty (yeah, I’m kinda shallow in that way), and much more Apple-Like (sorry Steve Jobs). I think it’s about time that they updated the look of their products on-screen to match the sleekness of their physical forms. Here’s a rundown of what I’m looking forward to (and will be ready to download first thing tomorrow) in iOS 7:

#1 Gorgeous New Design

Something about how the new iOS looks just screams “APPLE” to me. Perhaps it’s the clean lines and graphics. Or the transparency of things like the notification center and keyboards. Or maybe it’s how 3-Dimensional it seems. I think a lot of it is how much brighter and cleaner and more colorful it seems. More modern and well…Apple-y.


#2 Super-cool Features (woot!)

Nothing makes my geeky heart happier than when given even more neat features to use and take advantage of. Even better is when these new features makes my Apple products more functional for me to use, and more fun. Like the improved Control Center; all of the basics just a swipe away. Music, brightness, wi-fi, calculator, camera. Oh, and a flashlight. The new iOS makes multi-tasking even nicer and easier. It will learn when you like to use certain apps; so if you look at your social apps at 9, it will make sure that your social feed is updated by then.


#3 iTunes Radio

Hello iTunes Radio, Goodbye Pandora. I think that this will likely put Pandora Radio out of business. Because iTunes Radio is basically like Pandora, except you can add a song to a “wish list” on iTunes or purchase it directly in the app. You can also see a history of songs you’ve heard from iTunes Radio, so if you hear a song you like but can’t remember the name, all you have to do is check your history.


#4 Siri

As of now I have an iPhone 4. No Siri. 😦 But I’m planning on upgrading to an iPhone 5S so…. 🙂 Siri will be even more functional and capable of helping you. From returning calls, controlling iTunes Radio, and even referencing online resources like Wikipedia to answer your questions. Not to mention that Siri will sound more human than ever (also available will be a male voice).


Granted, the iPhone 5S will help iOS 7 be even more functional than if you ran it on, say an iPhone 4 or 4S. But it will still be a huge change for Apple…a change that I’m very much looking forward to.

Here’s a list of what products iOS 7 will be compatible with:

  • iPhone 4 and up
  • iPod Touch 5th generation 16 GB + iPod Touch 5th generation 32 GB / 64 GB
  • iPad 2 and up

Keep a look out for a “First Impressions” post on the new iOS by the end of the week!

till next post, Katie

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