Top Posts From March 2017

Another month come and gone again. You ever wonder why it feels like every year seems to speed by faster and faster as you get older? Is it because our ability to remember things get worse and so we don’t remember all of the things that happen? Or maybe is it that as we get older, things seem to become more routine, making our lives too much of the same thing. Either way, I’m caught saying how I can’t believe yet another month has past. Let’s go over the top liked posts huh?

T.G.I.F. – 3 Ways To Spend A Friday Night


In this post I went over my 3 favorite ways to spend a Friday night. Board games, drinking, video games and movies are definitely the best way to relax on a Friday night after a long week.

Picas App Review

Picas- Free Art Photo Editor

This app review was the second most liked post last month. Picas is a really cool app that can be used to make every day photos on your phone look like unique works of art!

QOTW – There Are More Fish

more fish

More often than not, my QOTW posts are closely tied to events going on in my personal life. Be it something that’s affecting me directly, or a friend (which is usually the case), I find it’s always a good drive to make inspirational quotes into these little weekly bursts of prettiness.




Top Posts From February 2017

Good morning and Happy March my lovely Geeks! One more month down, 10 to go! Last month seemed to be the month of popular QOTW posts, as all (no really, ALL) of the top liked posts from February were QOTWs!

QOTW: Life Is Too Short To Have Boring Nails


I don’t think I’ve made a QOTW that was more true. 😉 The overall basis and message behind this quote was that life is far too short to lead a boring one – so go out and have some adventures and make some awesome memories!

QOTW: A Little Love Goes A Long Way

a little love goes a long way

Inspired by the month of love, this post was a reminder that just the smallest act of kindness and/or love can make a huge difference. ❤

QOTW: Never Say Never


This one….kind of goes without saying lol. And no, it’s not quoting Justin Bieber (though unfortunately that song pops into my head every time I see/hear this). It’s all about not letting yourself keep yourself from accomplishing great things. Don’t let you – or anyone else – say you can’t or won’t be able to do something. Ever.

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Top Posts From January 2017

January was quite a cold month for me, and that’s saying something considering I live in Florida. With the struggle to stay warm, I’ve been trying to spend as much time as possible in my bedroom with the company of my space heater. Maybe not the healthiest for my social life, but what can I say. This reptile likes her heat. As a result, I’ve been able to stay on top of my posts, and I’ve got almost the entire next two weeks pre-planned! #winning

Let’s say goodbye to January and hello to February shall we?

Review: Harley Quinn Beauty Brushes


I don’t always review beauty tools, but when I do, they’re also geeky. (I mean hey, I don’t call myself The Beautiful Geek for nothing). My sister gave me these beautiful brushes for Christmas and I fell in love with the brushed red metal. Although the Full Face and Angled brushes are on the smaller side, they still have their uses. And the brow brush is perfect for, well, brows. Ha!

QOTW: You Are Amazing


Can’t do one of these posts without a QOTW thrown in can we? This one had the second most likes from January. I’m hoping to play around more with hand lettering, so hopefully we’ll be able to see more of it later on.

My Goals For 2017

It’s almost the end of January, the new year seems to be zooming by us already doesn’t it? And with new years come new goals, new “resolutions” as many call them. I’ve taken most of this month to really think about what I want out of 2017, and here are some of them (I’ve got them separated into three categories, Blog, Life, and Business):

One of my goals for this year is to be more open with you guys about my life. Now, I’m not going to pour my heart out to you every day and expect you guys to write back in a digital version of Tom Riddle’s diary, but I will be posting more about what I’m up to month to month, interesting things that happen and other little adventures I have. So it makes sense that one of the top liked posts was just one about me and my goals.

I am really looking forward to sharing the posts I have planned for February – hello Valentine’s Day! ❤ I love this time of the year because everything is plastered with pinks and reds and hearts. Let’s face it, I love it mostly because there’s more pink stuff in the store for me to buy. XD



Top Posts From December 2016

It’s the beginning of a new year, the first week of 2017! Let’s say our final goodbye to the rollercoaster that was 2016 by looking back at December’s most liked posts.

Pink & Gold Snowflakes


It seems like nail art and Quotes of the Week are always the most popular. Ha. This design features a super pretty pinky-nude polish, white snowflakes and a chrome/metallic gold polish, all topped off with a matte polish for an understated beauty.

Tomorrow Will Be Better


Like I said people. Nail art and Quotes XD. I love this quote especially – a simple and elegant reminder that if today seems awful, then tomorrow will definitely be better.

Keep Trying Till You Run Out Of Cake


Who doesn’t love cake? And Portal references? And Science? This QotW was a simple graphic design that I had quite a bit of fun creating. ❤


Top Posts From November 2016

Guys! Guys! Guys! IT’S FINALLY DECEMBER!!! December is probably my favorite month of the year. I love the holiday cheer and festive feel in the air. I’m addicted to how much happier and kinder people tend to be this time of year. It always makes me so happy to see that people are still able to care for one another even after a long year like 2016…but let’s not get into that. Let’s jump in a review the top liked posts from November!

Give Thanks


This QOTW was the top liked post of November, posted right before Thanksgiving. This one was just a friendly reminder to be thankful not just on or around Thanksgiving, but all year long.

Pink & Gold Fall Mani


Can I just say how much I’m in LOVE with the shade Corner Office by Formula X?! It’s the perfect in-between shade of nude & pink…and looks sooooo amazing with gold. ❤

This mani was super super easy and just needed tape to create the golden triangles!

Kindness & Love


Everyone can benefit from the wise words of an old wizard, especially if that wizard is Gandalf. And even moreso when he’s reminding us to all keep showing our love for one another.