Top Posts From March 2017

Another month come and gone again. You ever wonder why it feels like every year seems to speed by faster and faster as you get older? Is it because our ability to remember things get worse and so we don’t remember all of the things that happen? Or maybe is it that as we get older, things seem to become more routine, making our lives too much of the same thing. Either way, I’m caught saying how I can’t believe yet another month has past. Let’s go over the top liked posts huh?

T.G.I.F. – 3 Ways To Spend A Friday Night


In this post I went over my 3 favorite ways to spend a Friday night. Board games, drinking, video games and movies are definitely the best way to relax on a Friday night after a long week.

Picas App Review

Picas- Free Art Photo Editor

This app review was the second most liked post last month. Picas is a really cool app that can be used to make every day photos on your phone look like unique works of art!

QOTW – There Are More Fish

more fish

More often than not, my QOTW posts are closely tied to events going on in my personal life. Be it something that’s affecting me directly, or a friend (which is usually the case), I find it’s always a good drive to make inspirational quotes into these little weekly bursts of prettiness.



Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out

I’ve come to realize that almost everyone has grown up with Dr. Seuss. Nearly everybody is acquainted with the quirky rhymes of his books, in fact one of his quotes was already a QOTW quite a while ago.

2017 stand out

It’s simple and to the point. Everyone was born to be different. No two people are exactly the same, and this is a good thing. We aren’t meant to all be alike, to be clones or carbon copies of someone else.

Embrace your differences and unique qualities, learn to love them and nurture them. You’d be surprised how much happier you’ll be when you focus on being yourself and making yourself happy as opposed to trying to be like everyone else all the time.


Feed Your Face Friday: Tomato Basil Pizza

You’ve had a long day, and you’re craving junk food. Good old, greasy, cheesy, saucy, crispy, savory junk food. But you’ve been doing soooooo well this week, eating (pretty) healthy, not giving in to your stomachs cravings for burgers and ice cream. And on top of it all you’ve saved lots of money just by eating at home each night! We’ve all been there. Some of us, well, more often than others. I surely have.

That’s why I make sure to keep some pizza crusts, cheese, sauce, and some basic ingredients available in the house to make pizza with on nights when the craving for college-kid-food strikes hard.

Here’s the thing about pizza. It gets a really bad rep for being “junk food”. And in most cases, it is. I mean, how can you say that a deep dish 12″ pie smothered in sauce, cheese, extra pepperoni and grease (amongst some peppers and mushrooms to qualify as your “veggies” for the day…) is remotely healthy? You can’t. But, when using the right items, your pizza craving doesn’t have to mean a sacrifice to your diet/body/wellbeing/wallet.

Introducing one of my favorite pizzas –

tomato basil pizza3

All it takes is some low carb thin pizza crust, a little pizza sauce (who are we kidding, we all know it’s just marinara in a different label), fresh roma tomatoes and freshly cut basil leaves…and of course some mozzarella. Nothing goes with tomatoes and basil like mozzarella. ❤

tomato basil pizza1

Not only is this actually sort of healthy, but it’s way more cost effective than getting a massive pizza delivered. The crusts I use are also small, which means I can cut down the chance of myself overeating (read – eating an entire large thin crust pepperoni & onion pizza by myself).

tomato basil pizza2

psst….sprinkle some fresh ground peppercorn on top before baking to add a little extra flavor!

What’s your junk-food-turned-“healthy” hack?


Spring Pink Holo Nails

Happy Wednesday my beautiful geeks! Spring is finally here, which means it’s the perfect time for pastels (aka some of my favorite shades). Of course, since I’ve realized I am 100% a holosexual, I felt it was necessary to include a pink holo polish in my first Spring design. This one is simple and cute, and perfect for welcoming the fresh new season.

spring pink holo

What’s better than a french tip, pink polish, AND pink holo?……actually….I can’t really think of anything. This design is so easy to recreate, and you can literally use ANY color combo. You can even substitute a normal creme polish for the holo (but who would want to do that?). You could also opt for a straight up glitter polish instead. Silver would be a good option, if you don’t have any colored glitter/holo that matches the spring color you wanted to use.

spring pink holo polishes

For this look I used Wet n Wild’s Megalast polish in Love Fest (from the 2016 Spring Collection) and Menchie the Cat by Starrily & SimplyNailogical.

I’m so happy with this design – it’s simple but easy, and the french tip can quickly be done with either tape or nail decals. Just be sure that your base color is 100% dry before attempting! 😉

My work schedule has made it a little hard to find time to even paint my nails a single color, let alone attempting some nail art. So being able to get this design on my nails fairly quickly makes me very happy – I notice that I get kind of depressed if I go too long without having nail polish or a design on my fingers. 😄 I’m hoping that with Spring here and Summer on it’s way, I’ll be more inspired and will be able to maybe even make my first nail art video! Fingers crossed!



Life. Sucks.

There’s no denying it. There’s no hiding it. At some point in everybody’s life, it just sucks to be where we are. We are all handed a tough situation every once in awhile, and for some that happens to be more often than for others. It really, truly, super sucks to have to deal with it. It’s annoying, frustrating, irritating, aggravating….the list could go on and on. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to make the best of what we’re handed.


In the moment, when you’re faced with a difficult situation, it may seem ridiculously unfair or impossible to overcome. But nothing can be accomplished if you spend all of your time feeling bad about it. There’s really no point to focusing on feeling upset about the situation, as that won’t get you out of it.

You can be bitter and sour about it if you’d like, but it won’t make the experience any better for you or anyone around you. It’s best to take a breath, grit your teeth, and smile. Do your best to find something positive. Find that silver lining. Sweeten the deal for yourself in some small way. Think “because of _____ I’m going to be able to do _____” or “now that I’ve had experience with _____ I’ll be better able to handle a situation like ____ in the future”.

So the next time you find yourself with a pitcher of lemon juice, find a way to dilute the sour and sweeten the situation for yourself. You’ll be much happier (and as a result so will others around you) sipping on lemonade.