4th Of July Nail Art

So I know I don’t usually make posts on Wednesday, but I also haven’t been very good about keeping my schedule like normal…oops. So to make up for it, I worked extra hard to create this new design for the 4th this weekend. I really hope ya’ll like it, it took way more thought and experimentation than I expected.


As per the usual, this design is fairly simple (because who has time – or patience – for intricate designs?). All you do is start off with a good white base coat on all of your nails except for your ring finger, & paint your ring fingernail blue. This can just be a plain blue if you’d like, this is the only one I had on hand.

The next step is to paint on a red french tip to the white nails. This can be done freehanded, or using tape to mark off the section, or whatever other french tipping method you prefer to use. Once that’s all good and dry, you use a blue polish and striping brush (a toothpick could work for this fairly well) to create the “firework” – esque designs.

Products used:

  • Correction Tape by Spoiled (Wet n Wild)
  • Blue Boom by Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear
  • I Red A Good Book by Wet n Wild Megawear

I hope you guys liked this design, let me know what you thought in the comments below! What are your plans for this weekend? Anything exciting? I hope you all have a great (and safe!) holiday weekend!

till next post, Katie


Love is Love

This week’s quote isn’t so much a quote as it is a simple statement. A fact. The fact that love is love, no matter what color or gender you are.


As of this past Friday, the Supreme Court here in the U.S. has legalized gay marriage nationwide by ruling that the U.S. Constitution bars states from denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Love is one of the most powerful emotions in the world. It causes us to do incredible – and often crazy – things. But the fact that we have the capability of feeling such a wonderful, powerful, crippling emotion is incredible. It’s a plain and simple fact that everyone is capable of love. No matter what color you are, no matter what gender you are, no matter what your sexual orientation is.

I raise my glass to everyone that has been fighting this fight, everyone that has had to or will face discrimination simply because of the person they love. You have a kind of courage that not many of us can say that we have. Even I will never know what it is to be hated and looked down upon for the color of my skin or the person I love. I am happy for all of you, and I hope that this is a stepping stone to better times.

till next post, Katie

June Glam Bag!

I may have a problem guys. I think I’m addicted to subscription boxes and bags…I’ve decided to subscribe to Ipsy, and OH MY GOSH it was a good decision! I can’t believe all of the neat little goodies I got sent for my first bag, I’m even more excited for the next ones!

So for about $10 a month, Ipsy sends you a customized makeup bag of sample sized products. And on the Ipsy website you get a coupon code for 25% off each item at the brand’s website, so if you loved the sample you can get more! Plus, the more items you review on the Ipsy site, the better your future products can end up being because they base your next bag on your preferences and what you’ve rated past items.

The first item was the Keratherapy Keratin Infused Daily Smoothing Cream, which is a daily use, heat-activated blow drying cream designed to not only smooth your hair to fight frizzies, but also cut down on your blow drying time! I hope that this works, because my hair is always in need of smoothing and it takes forever to blow dry!

Next was a little tube of Smashbox Primer, which I already know to be a great primer. I’ll be adding this little guy to my travel bag for sure. :)

I was also sent a lip stain by J. Cat Beauty…I’ve already tried it and can I just say how in love with this I am?! It’s highly pigmented, minty smelling and it goes on like a lipstick, yet in a bottle and applies like you would a lipgloss! The color they sent me is a fantastic summery rosey pink color which is perfect for my skin tone.

Another one I’m excited to try, since I always have a problem with blackheads, is the Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner, designed to suck out all of your blackheads without using nose strips! I’ll keep you guys posted as to how this works out, I know that if it does work I’ll deff. be getting more.

Last but not least is a shadow crayon by Tre’Stique. The packaging had me fooled at first, and I spent a couple seconds searching for a cap to the crayon. However, the part that looks like a pencil end is indeed the cap. The color that I was sent is called Venetian Gold, and I am super excited to try this out as well!

So what did you guys think? Are you subscribed to Ipsy? If you are, what did you think of the June Glam Bag?

till next post, Katie


Nail Art Quickie: Gray & Pink

Every once in a while, I get a fantastic idea for some nail art. And every once in a while that idea actually plays out as nicely in real life as I imagined it in my head. This is luckily one of those cases. Today I bring you a really simple design.


You’ll need:

  • Show Steel-er by Sally Hansen Intsta-Dri
  • Tickled Pink by Wet n Wild Wild Shine
  • Dotting tool, toothpick or bobby pin

I started off by painting Show Steel-er on all but my index finger, which I painted with Tickled Pink. Once those were all dry I took a dotting tool and Show Steel-er to carefully place two dots on my index nail, then dragged each dot down and together to form the bottom part of the heart. Then all you need to do is cover it with a top coat!

I’m always glad for a quick and simple design, especially when life gets pretty busy sometimes. But when life gets stressful and you need a time out, doing some nail art can actually be a great way to hit the pause button and give yourself some “me” time.

till next post, Katie


It’s How You Play Your Hand

Like I said last week, I’m going to do my best to keep my posts from all being gushy, lovey-dovey, cheesy romantic posts. So with that in mind, here’s this week’s quote.


I think this is a perfect quote to remember and keep in mind when times get tough. Too often we look at other’s and their lives and ask ourselves why our lives couldn’t be like someone else’s. Or what we’ve done or did to deserve the hard times or trials that we are going through.

But none of that matters. It doesn’t matter how easy or hard your neighbor’s lives seem compared to yours. It doesn’t matter if the popular girl in school has rich parents who bought her everything she ever wanted and even a brand new cherry red sports car for her 16th birthday. None of it matters. At the end of the day, all that matters is your life, and what you do to change it.

You may have grown up in a crappy neighborhood, with crappy parents, crappy siblings and a crappy education. You may have grown up with a lot less than others. While that’s awful and a shame that any child in today’s world would still have to grow up in those environments, those are the exact environments that make the young adults and adults of our society strong and independent. What matters most isn’t the advantages or disadvantages you’re given in life, but what you do with them. Someone that has access to everything they could ever want could be the laziest person in the world, and never truly amount to anything. Yet in another house, a young individual could have the worst educational environment and home setting but have the drive to make a change, to go to the library and take in all the knowledge they can and go to college and one day make a difference in this world.

Times may be tough for you, but what matters is what you decide to do with the experience. You can let it break you down and teach you nothing, or you can use it to help build yourself up and make you stronger and a better person. Remember this the next time you find yourself thinking about how “awful” or “unfair” your life is.

Have a great week everyone.

till next post, Katie