Fall Sparkle Nail Art

It’s been quite a while since my last nail art post eh? And to be honest, life has just gotten me so busy that it’s hard to find time to sit down and do some decent nail art, let alone just put on a single color. And for whatever reason, be it life or stress or whatever, I’ve just been struggling to come up with good designs. But now I’ve finally been able to pull off something that I’m proud of!


It’s really, really simple. Promise. You’ll need 2 colors & 1 glitter/metallic/shimmer polish & something to make dots with. This can be a dotting tool, toothpick, bobby pin, or sometimes even just using the polish brush works if you’re careful. Here’s the colors I used:

  • Haze of Love by Wet n Wild: Megalast
  • Sugarcoat by Wet n Wild: Megalast
  • Gilded Rose by Maybelline: Color Show

I painted my thumb, middle & pinky nails with Haze of Love (a good dark color). Then I used Sugarcoat (a complimentary light shade) on my index & ring nails. After having applied two coats I then used Sugarcoat & a dotting tool to carefully add the dots to my middle and thumb nails, & used Gilded Rose on my index nail. And of course, top everything off with a good protective top coat to keep that design safe and shiny and pretty.

I would just make sure that whatever colors you decide on, the accent glitter/metallic/shimmer polish should compliment the other colors. So, for example, if you decided to do black & white or maybe navy and light gray (basically any cool tones) then silver would be a better color to use, be it glitter or metallic or what have you. Gold is better for warm tones, so reds, pinks, oranges, etc.

So here’s to fall, and here’s to hopefully being able to come up with new nail art designs! I hope everyone has a great Monday! <3

till next post, Katie


Feed Your Face Friday: English Muffin Mini Pizzas

Ok, so this isn’t exactly what you’d call “adult” or “elegant” or heck, even “sophisticated”…but it’s yummy and easy (and cheap) and that’s all that matters for the broke young 20-something. Today I present to you a miniature take on (mostly) everyone’s favorite junk food – pizza.


The ingredient list is simple:

  • 1 package English Muffins
  • Tomato/pizza sauce
  • Shredded Mozzarella cheese
  • Mini Pepperonis

All I did was toast each of the english muffins, spoon on some sauce & add the pepperoni and cheese. Afterwards just pop them in the microwave for about one minute and you’re all set with yummy little pizzas. You could also buy whatever other pizza toppings you like, peppers, tomatoes, spinach leaves, onions, ham, pineapple, whatever you’d like!

These make for great lunches, since they’re smaller even than the average slice of pizza. What do you guys like on your pizza? Got any recipes I should try? Let me know in the comments below!

till next post, Katie


Review: Fing’rs Prints Press-On Nails

*this is not a paid/sponsored post. the products mentioned below were purchased by me, & the thoughts/opinions stated are mine and true. I am not affiliated with the brands/companies/organizations mentioned.*

I’m a busy gal, but I love to keep my nails looking pretty. Sadly, I don’t always – actually, almost never – have the time to sit and paint my nails let alone do some nail art. So of course I jump at anything that I can just plop onto my nails with little to no effort on my part. So today I’m reviewing these press-on nails by Fing’rs Prints in Girlie Glam. They have a lot more options, like tribal, floral & even camo designs.


They are supposed to stay on for at least a week, and come off easily when it comes time for removal & they are also supposed to not harm your nails in the removal process. Each nail has an adhesive backing, so you don’t have to mess with nail glue getting everywhere. Every set also comes with nail charms, this one came with hearts, and adhesive tabs to use them. I prefer to leave these off because I know they’d get caught on everything.

They’re simple to use, it’s pretty straight forward. Just find the right sizes for each of your nails, apply & press down firmly to ensure a good seal. The same process goes for the charms/adhesive tabs.


The results? Really cute nails in about 15 – 20 minutes. Each nail was easy to apply. They are thick enough that they won’t tear easily & will be a good protective agent to weaker nails, but thin enough that they don’t feel ridiculously bulky on your nails.

However…I ended up taking them all off by the end of the first day of wear. Any time I went to tear something open (using my nails…which they say isn’t good for them anyways but honestly who listens to that) or do much of anything with my hands these buggers would get in the way. Any pressure applied to the tips of the nails made them press uncomfortably into my cuticles. Youch.

They did, though, stay true to one thing. They didn’t seem to damage my nails during removal – though the process of peeling these off made me cringe. You’d think that I’d learn that press-on (or any other false) nails just aren’t worth the money. But alas, I still yearn for pretty nails with no wait time. :( Maybe one day I’ll find it?

Do you guys have false nails that you love? Let me know in the comments below!

till next post, Katie

Planning for Disney

The family, BF & I are going to be spending all of this upcoming weekend in Disney! So this week I’ll be doing a lot of planning for mine & BF’s activities & outfits. Because yes, I’m that girl that loves Disneybounding, and I fully intend on bringing BF into it. XD So today I’ll be sharing the characters that I’ll be drawing inspiration from.

We’ll be spending Friday – Sunday at a resort for the occasion, and we are also going to the night-time Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom Friday night. So I need a total of 3 outfits, maybe 4 to have a spare on hand in case of weather issues. And it’ll actually probably be a bit cold so yay!

My first character duo are my two favorites

Rapunzel & Eugene

So these two should be fairly simple. For me, the important aspects will be a light purple & floral patterns. I’ll have to do some digging to find the right pieces. But I’m thinking of highwaisted shorts, a floral or light pink tank top, lavender button up & possibly floral leggings. Shoes will be simple for Rapunzel, nude flats if it’s warmer or a light pair of boots if it’s cooler out.

As for Eugene, all that will be needed are a khaki pair of pants, boots & either a white button up with a vest or a similar toned button up. And I actually do have a tiara that we could bring to dress it up lol.

Minnie & Mickey Mouse

How can you not go for a classic? I’m pretty much all set, in fact I have two options to go for. I’ve got this really cute red dress with white Minnie Mouse heads or a pair of red & white dotted high waisted shorts that I would pair with a black tank or crop top. Shoes, easy, black flats/boots.

Ideally Mickey would be red pants, black shirt & shoes. BF however, doesn’t own red pants or even a red shirt. He does have a red vest, which will work with cooler weather. So his outfit will most likely consist of dark gray pants, black shoes, a black or white shirt & the red vest.

Ariel & Eric

Another favorite, these two will be easy-peasy. Where most Disneybounding gals focus on Ariel’s land-outfits, I plan on wearing purple & green to play off of her mermaid version, which in my opinion is more fun.

As for Eric, this will easily be pulled off with blue jeans, a white button up & black shoes. I’d go for a red belt as well to really pull it together but that’s one this we don’t actually have. :(

At some point during the week I’ll take pictures of the clothes I’ll have picked out, and over the weekend post pictures of the outfits in action!

till next post, Katie


Today Will Be A Good Day

Monday is coming, and Mondays…well let’s face it, they SUCK. Big time. But today’s quote is more about inspiration than anything else. Tomorrow, when Monday finally arrives, just remember:


If you can even get yourself to believe this for a moment in your sleep, groggy-eyed haze in the morning, you’ll do just fine the rest of the day (and week). I think that a huge part of how we feel about each day is in our heads. If you wake up with the idea in your mind that the day to come will be awful and horrible and gross, well you’re already setting yourself up for a bad day. It will make you feel bad about the upcoming day, and so your mood won’t help anything.

So maybe, if you just keep thinking that the day will be a good one, maybe it’ll boost your mood a little. And then, maybe good things will actually come to pass. I’ve always been a believer that negativity breeds negativity, and the same goes for positivity (from my talk you’d think I wasn’t a natural pessimist). But try it out, when you first wake up in the morning, try to think about the ways your day will actually be good.

Instead of thinking about that board meeting you’ve been dreading, think of grabbing that warm cup of coffee or tea that you love. Or settling in for a filling breakfast. Or think about seeing your favorite co-workers and how you want to tell them about your weekend adventures (if you’re social with them). You’d be amazed how your mindset alone will have a gigantic effect on the rest of the day.

Remember, happy thoughts! (pixie dust doesn’t hurt either ;) )

till next post, Katie