November Ipsy Bag Reveal & Review

Happy (late) Friday guys! This month’s Ipsy bag was AMAZING! There were so many great items, and hey the bag design itself was soooo stinking cute!


This month’s theme was Rockstarlet. Included in my bag were 3 Botanical Masks by bonviant, Mad Lash mascara by theBalm, a liquid lipstick by Elizabeth Mott, highlighter by OFRA, and a new mini polish by Formula X.


I received 3 different botanical masks, a brightening mask with collagen & olive oil, a hydrating mask with sodium hyaluronate & lotus, and a tightening mask with chamomile & tea tree. I tried out the Chamomile & Tea Tree mask to see how well it worked on my oily and breakout-prone skin.

It smelled amazing, and after removing the mask there was so much extra liquid that I had to rinse the remainder off – even after rubbing a lot of it in like directed on the packaging. My face felt nice and hydrated and clean afterwards, and a little tight around my cheeks and nose.

I’m looking forward to trying out my other 2 masks for my next at home spa day.πŸ˜‰


Formula X nail polish is quickly becoming my favorite go-to brand for long lasting manis. So I was so happy to see yet another mini polish in my bag this month, this time in Huntress. Huntress is a beautiful deep forest green polish with a little bit of golden shimmer, but in most lighting it looks almost black. Needless to say the picture doesn’t do this pretty polish any justice.


The OFRA highlighter was the only thing in this bag that I wasn’t too thrilled with. But that’s just because it simply wasn’t showing up on me. However, I do feel like it could be used as a finishing powder.


theBalm’s Mad Lash Black mascara was another great little goodie – and lemme tell you it looks soooooo good on. Talk about some mad lash action, I’m able to get every single little lash with the flexible wand and the formula is PERFECT.

I saved the best for last, naturally. Elizabeth Mott’s Color is Bae Lip Lacquer is the. best. thing. ever. This is super long lasting and dries matte (which I have been obsessed with). It lasted a night of birthday celebrations for Zach the other night, which included dinner, cake, and lots of drinks afterwards….and it still looked perfect. Not to mention that the shade I got – Red Chili – is my perfect shade of bright red. Guys. This is huge. Up until now I haven’t been able to find my right shade of bright red and I’ve had to keep with the berry tones. BUT NOW I FINALLY HAVE IT!!!!!

Guess you won’t be surprised if I end up doing a little excess shopping and getting a full size one of these babies.



Pink & Gold Fall Mani

With today being the official last day of November and the official beginning of “Christmas Season” (though according to most stores that was November 1st), I decided to do one last fall-inspired mani before shoving green and red holiday designs in your faces.πŸ˜„

gold triangle.jpg

I’m in love with this both of these polish colors, one of which I got from my mini Black Friday Sephora haul (post on that to come soon!).

Products Used-

  • Corner Office by Formula X
  • Game of Chromes by Sally Hansen

I’m looking forward to sharing all of the cute holiday and winter themed designs I’ve got planned for you guys!



Impossible Is Just A Word

These past few weeks I’ve been semi-absent from the blogging world, adjusting to my new job and schedule. Then on top of that holiday stress kicked in. *yay*. The other day I found myself feeling quite depressed and frustrated. I haven’t been able to find time to really keep up with housework, much less blogging, and don’t even think about working on my candle biz. It all started to feel…impossible. But then today, FB reminded me of a post I had written just last year –


Impossible is merely a word. And a lot of people use it when they have exhausted all of their resources and simply want to give up. I was reminded that nothing is impossible. And that I certainly wasn’t born a quitter.

Nothing is impossible. You just have to try harder. And that’s just the medicine I needed today.



Give Thanks

Happy Sunday everyone. I figured that since Thanksgiving is this week (can you believe it?!), now would be a perfect time to give this cheesy, overused reminder.


Giving thanks…ok yes. Let’s be thankful for the food, the family, the friends. And the food…did I say that already?

But let’s be thankful for the other important things in our lives. Having a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs. To have the jobs that help us pay for the necessities and the unnecessary things (like that new gaming headset I’ve been eyeballing). That we are able to pay for gas for our vehicle. And yes, even though we are constantly complaining about it, having the ability to be in school and college. To further our education and feed our minds.

There’s just so much to be thankful for. But we also need to remember that we shouldn’t express these feelings just during the holidays. More importantly – we shouldn’t forget to remember those feelings. Give thanks. But do it all year round. Not just when everything seems magical and the weather is cooling and gifts are about to be everywhere.

Be thankful all year, share the love all year. Let’s challenge ourselves to keep that magical holiday spirit alive all year. Love each other. Help each other. Make the world a better place for more than just a few months a year.


Tomb Kings Ushabti (aka another reason why my BF is awesome)

Hey my geeks! I am especially excited today (the new Sombra update for Overwatch being part of it, but that’s for another post).

Soooo for those who don’t know, I may or may not be a little obsessed with Warhammer 40k and Fantasy. Oh no, not playing the game. Just collecting and building the models to make them look cool (although I’m sure I have enough Dark Eldar to start my own army if I ever did want to play). I have also always had a deep love for Ancient Egypt and its mythology. Naturally, when I first discovered Warhammer and Games Workshop I fell in love with the Tomb King models due to their undead/Egyptian Mythology theme.

However, I always shied away from buying any of the models because they were always so expensive (I know – you’d think considering how much money I’ve spend collectively on these models it wouldn’t have mattered but…). Especially my favorite set, the one set that if I had to pick just one from the Tomb King models it would be these, The Ushabti with Great Weapons. Essentially they were skeletal bad-ass versions of Anubis, Horus, and Sobek (well, that’s what they look like. I’m sure the models themselves have their own names and stories behind them, per Warhammer nature).

Anyhow, when I finally did decide that it was the time to purchase these bad boys I came to learn that the line had been discontinued. And Games Workshop didn’t even sell them anymore. Up until Β now, I had never been able to find a set available for purchase in its original boxed condition without a ridiculous price tag.

But then one day, there’s a package in the mail. From Russia. To Zach. I’m serious guys, I almost cried when he handed me the box containing the models I had been searching for for years.


AND NOW I FINALLY HAVE THEM!!! And they’re in perfect condition! While it’s a downside that they’re all resin, I’m just so excited to paint them!!!

To be honest this is probably the best surprise gift anyone has ever given me…and the most thoughtful. Apparently after I got him into Warhammer and I told him about these models he had been secretly searching for them.❀

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some models to take care of. And hopefully not ruin because I’ve only got one shot.πŸ˜„