Never Give In

Short & sweet today guys ❤️

I hope your week goes well! Sometimes life just seems to keep trying to drag you down doesn’t it?

But if you give in or give up, the only person you’re letting down is you!

Don’t give up this week! Stay strong and keep pushing forward!


IPSY UNBAGGING | October 2017


Somehow, Friday the 13th’s have always been good days for me. No idea why, considering they are usually seen as “bad luck” days for 99.999999% of the population. *shrugs* Anywho…

Guys I have ANOTHER video up this week! (I’m low-key super proud of myself)

Like I said in the video, I will definitely be using and trying out these items throughout the month of October, so that by the end of the month/beginning of next month I will be able to post my thoughts on all of them (how the liquid lipstick lasts, how long the nail polish wears without chipping, etc). So keep an eye out for that post later on!

Have a great weekend!!!



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5 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down

Sometimes life throws us curveballs. And occasionally, we miss and strike out. That’s ok though, because we all go through those times when life gets just a little too rough all at once. It can really throw you off track and have you feeling all sorts of depressing things.

All too often I’ve found myself stuck in a loop of “what’s wrong with me”, “I can’t do anything right”, “I’m a failure”, “I’m so lost”, and more recently – “I have no idea what I’m doing”.

This can really tear you apart from the inside out. Literally. So I’ve put together a small list of things that I like to do when I’m stuck in a low rut, so that maybe you’ll be inspired to try something to help yourself out of your own rut.

5 things to do when you're down

1) Spa Day

This can be as simple as taking a bubble bath to going all out and going to a day spa for the full massage, hot stones, etc.

Personally, my favorite spa days are spent at home. I take a nice relaxing bath with either bubbles or a bath bomb. Once I’m done soaking I’ll get out, towel dry and put my hair up and put on a sheet mask. This gives my hair a chance to dry more plus a good 10 to 20 minutes to just chill and read or scroll through Pinterest. Afterwards I may or may not do my nails, depending on the day.

2) Yoga and/or Meditation

I find that sometimes I just need to get a really good stretch, both in my body and in my mind. When I’m doing yoga for mental wellness reasons I try not to push myself physically too much. I try to make the positions flow smoothly and easily, so I can focus fully on the motion and my breathing.

3) Read

What better way to forget about you me worries (and perhaps realize upon returning that they aren’t that big) than to escape into another, imaginary, world? Reading stretches the mind, builds vocabulary, and is quite soothing in my opinion. I prefer to curl up on a comfy couch or chair with a blanket and coffee or tea to read, which usually means Harli will jump up and take a nap next to me.

4) Painting/Coloring/Drawing

Expressing yourself artistically can sometimes be really helpful for releasing any deep-seated emotions. Creativity can occasionally turn some of the darkest thoughts into beautiful pieces of art. Or if you’re like me and paint/build models for fun, the repetition can be soothing.

5) Have An Adventure

Other times, all you need is to actually escape. Having an adventure of your own can help shake any feelings of being stuck in a rut, or of feeling like every day is always the same. Go to a theme park or the beach, see a new movie with friends or family. Even something as simple as going on a hike or bike ride on some nature trails can help.

So there we are my lovely geeks. My 5 favorite ways to feel better when I’m feeling low. Depending on how poorly I’ve been feeling I will often combine these and do several in one day, or one once a week if it helps.

But while doing things may help you release tension and bad emotions, just remember that you also have friends and family that you could turn to. If you’re feeling really poorly, reach out to them. You may be afraid of looking weak or of being rejected. I promise they won’t bite. Go to them and trust them to be able to listen.

And, if you’re feeling darker, lower thoughts of self harm or worse. Please please PLEASE seek help. Nothing in this world is worth harming yourself over. Trust me.

Now then. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday, and an even better rest of your week.


Go The Distance

Another rough day, and yet 6 more to go. You ever feel like you’re just running in a circle to nowhere? Maybe like you’re on a hamster wheel? Spinning. Spinning. Constantly running forward and yet…never actual moving forward? For some odd reason I’ve been feeling that feeling more and more recently, and it’s quite unsettling. 

I once had a clear dream – or a vision, perhaps – of what I wanted in life. I knew exactly what I wanted to do as a career, where I wanted to be in 5 years. Yet now I come across a point in my life where things are no longer quite as crystal clear as they once were. I feel, well, lost. It’s one thing to graduate out of high school, maybe even get through some of college, without really knowing what you wanted to get out of life. It’s something entirely different to have known what you wanted to do with your life since the age of 15 and to suddenly be unsure of yourself and your plans. 

Which is why I found myself thinking of one of my favorite Disney cartoons (it’s funny how so many of my QOTW’s are inspired by films from my childhood, more often than not Disney films). I was thinking about Hercules. Obviously the cartoon is a glorified version of the original story. But in the Disney re-telling Hercules grows up being unsure of where he belongs, feeling as though he belongs elsewhere. 

This quote today is a reminder that every mile you take will be worth your while. You can go the distance it will take to find your place in the world, to find your calling. If you try hard and actually search for yourself, you will find who you really are. And that’s exactly what I needed this week. 

A reminder that somehow, I will be strong enough to get through this. Because I CAN go the distance. And I will. 

Fall Leaves Mani

Hello my loves! I’m trying really hard to get back to posting more often, as well as creating more content for my YouTube channel! Today I’m brining you this really adorable Fall manicure.

I recently got this super pretty (and 100% FALL) polish, Foxy, by Picture Polish and all I could think about was how to use it in a manicure. I just needed this on my nails ASAP. So. I made this cute simply manicure using some pretty leaf nail decals that I bought from What’s Up Nails.

AAAAAAAANNNNDDD I MADE A VIDEO!!! Yay! It’s live on YouTube! Check it out below!

I’m going to be trying to up my editing and video-taking skills, and hopefully I’ll be able to save up for a decent camera soon.

Products Used:

  • Orly Bonder Rubberized Base Coat
  • Foxy by Picture Polish
  • Monumental by Formula X
  • Fall Leaves nail decals by What’s Up Nails
  • Orly Sec’ N Dry Top Coat

I hope you guys enjoyed the video! Please feel free to give it a like & subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want more!


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